In addition the 9 security releases this month, which includes the fabled August Update for Windows 8.1, Microsoft is also delivering firmware updates for many of its Surface devices.

Interesting, this month, is that all Surface models except the 2 series are receiving updates and feature enhancements. Heck, even the original, now defunct Surface RT is getting an update. That's gotta sting.

Here's what's available this month:

Surface RT

  • Surface RT UEFI (v3.31.500) enhances overall system stability.

Surface Pro

  • Wireless Network Controller and Bluetooth (v14.69.24054.176) improves network connection stability and enables functionality on WiFi networks using a hidden SSID.

Surface 2

  • No updates

Surface Pro 2

  • No Updates

Surface Pro 3

  • Surface Pro Embedded Controller Firmware (v38.4.50.0) improved support for Surface Power Cover.
  • Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware (v3.9.250.0) improved support for Surface Power Cover and enhances overall system stability.
  • Microsoft LifeCam Front (v5.20.1034.0) significantly improves power consumption during video chat such as Skype, supports Flash camera streaming in Internet Explorer, and improves overall functionality and stability.
  • Surface Ethernet Adapter (v8.14.0704.2014) improved support for the gigabit Surface Ethernet Adapter.