Not the $99 deal that many Microsoft conference attendees have experienced in the last several months, but if you're a normal citizen, and have a Staples nearby, you can pick up a Surface RT 32GB for $349 on Sunday, July 14th, 2013. Staples' online version of an upcoming ad says it all…

It appears that the deal, lasting from the 14thto the 20th, is available across the entire Staples' stable of outlets.  I've gone through and changed my "Current Store" a couple times using different zip codes and the same ad is available for each.

Jump out to the following link and head to page 6: Staples Upcoming Ad

Or, select your own location and then click the "Upcoming Ad" link to verify your page 6 is the same as mine.


UPDATE: Best Buy is also on board and offering the same deal.