Many have been seriously wondering about the Microsoft Surface's future. A stagnate accessory market, a failed Surface RT unit, and a new CEO have had many guessing that maybe Microsoft is in the groanings of dumping it's self-branded tablet devices.

But, today there are signs that Microsoft is keeping, and even expanding, the Surface brand.

The Surface Power Cover went on pre-order today in Microsoft's online store, with a shipping date listed as March 19, 2014. The Power Cover is like the regular Type Cover except that is has an onboard battery, effectively boosting Surface 2 life up to 70% and the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 up to 60%.

You can pre-order here: Surface Power Cover

Rumored just recently, Microsoft will be releasing a Surface 2 unit that comes with LTE built in. This would represent Microsoft's very first Surface device that could attach to a wireless provider's network. WPCentral today has suggested that, not only is there truth behind the rumor, but that the Surface 2 LTE is already shipping to Microsoft stores. The new unit will tied to AT&T's network.

With these two announcements, could the Surface Dock restocking be far behind? If you remember, the Docking station went on sale briefly before the Christmas holiday and then never returned.