A: Normally, users can select if they want to use the picture from AD, a user-selected picture, or no picture. If you want to stop users being able to change their own picture, and prefer the AD picture is always used, just create a Lync policy to force the AD picture to be used.

Launch the Lync Server Management Shell, then run the following commands:

1. Create a new policy first:

New-CsClientPolicy -Identity ForceADPictures

2. Now set the DisplayPhoto policy to use the AD picture:

Set-CsClientPolicy -Identity ForceADPictures -DisplayPhoto PhotosFromADOnly

3. Finally, apply the policy to users:

Get-CSADUser -OU "CN=Users,DC=savilltech,DC=net" | Grant-CsClientPolicy -PolicyName ForceADPictures