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The last 12 months saw a material change in the way businesses approach the cloud as a means of increasing productivity, protecting data and maintaining business availability. With the digital transformation of businesses in full swing, 2016 was a year filled with new mandates, shifts in how to do DR, and new ways to leverage cloud storage for more than just backups.

So what can you learn from 2016 to make better use of the cloud for data protection in 2017?

In this webcast, join Penton contributor and industry expert, Nick Cavalancia, along with Patrick Rougeau from Keep It Safe, as they discuss:

  • The state of cloud backup adoption – a look back and forward
  • The ever-changing environment - Protecting a moving target
  • The evolution of DR - how virtualization puts DRaaS into the hands of everyone
  • Compliance and the need for long-term retention

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Nick Cavalancia has nearly 20 years of enterprise IT experience, is an accomplished consultant, speaker, trainer, writer, and columnist and has achieved industry certifications including MCSE, MCT, Master CNE and Master CNI. He has authored, co-authored, and contributed to more than a dozen books on Microsoft technologies. Nick regularly speaks, writes and blogs for some of the most recognized tech companies today on a variety of topics. Follow Nick on Twitter @nickcavalancia or @Techvangelism.



Patrick Rougeau serves as a Solutions Engineer and Compliance Officer at KeepItSafe, where he helps IT departments achieve their backup and recovery goals. Patrick’s career spans over 10 years in the information technology space. With a background in IT consulting, IT management, and disaster recovery planning, Patrick teaches a global audience how to build proper business continuity plans through webinars, meetups, and blogging.