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Today’s workforce is more mobile and flexible than ever before. However, this changing workplace is also introducing key challenges for IT regarding the most cost-effective and IT resource efficient ways to provide employees with the mobility they need while addressing security and compliance concerns. And with many employees using their own personal computers for work, these devices are falling outside the control of companies’ IT departments exposing the organization to a variety of data security risks.

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at how you can overcome workplace mobility obstacles (and meet or exceed budget demands in the process) with Windows To Go— a managed Windows desktop on a secure USB flash drive. This PC on a Stick device can solve mobility challenges, such as teleworkers, BYOD, contractors, secure VDI or VPN access, Windows 10 evaluations. 

You can also equip 20 employees with a Windows To Go device for the cost of a single laptop—which could translate to savings of up to 95%. Companies can regain control of the systems that employees are accessing and using to handle sensitive company data—for a more secure workplace. It’s simple to deploy, leverages your existing Microsoft infrastructure, and addresses your BYOD and mobile workforce headaches.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • The benefits and pitfalls of a BYOD environment
  • Security concerns and solutions
  • The pros and cons of securing VDI endpoints
  • How Windows To Go can mobilize and secure your company’s day-to-day functions

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Rich Hay

Rich Hay has been following the tech industry for over 20 years and understands the importance of the technologies we use each day. He believes that knowledge and awareness allows us to maximize the benefits technology can deliver, which is critical to our overall successes.

In January 2010, his community contributions were recognized by Microsoft when he received his first Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for the Windows Operating System. Since then, he has been renewed in the Microsoft MVP for Windows each year on January 1st for six consecutive awards in the Windows Experience award category.

Hay currently hosts the Observed Tech PODCAST, which is a weekly look at all things tech with a decidedly Microsoft angle; however, all subjects are discussed, including security, social media, hardware, software and anything tech-ish! He began contributing to SuperSite for Windows in January 2015.

Tav Venia, Senior Sales Systems Engineer at IronKey 

Tav Venia is the Senior Sales Systems Engineer for the U.S. Federal Government at IronKey, provider of secure data and mobile workspace solutions that marshal some of the most advanced encryption technologies available today.  With more than sixteen years of network operations and engineering experience, Tav has helped Civilian, Defense and Intel U.S. Federal Government customers implement cutting-edge storage and secure PC on Stick™ solutions.  Tav works closely with his customers to deliver strategic solutions that span the mobility mix helping agencies address BYOD, business continuity, compliance mandates, data integrity and worker mobility mandates.