Friday, June 7, 2013 @ 12:00 PM ET

How much of your time is going in to creating and managing your Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan? (Hint: "None" is a really bad answer)

This presentation covers Backup and Disaster Recovery basics for making sure backups run as planned, verifying they're restorable, and keeping things on track so you can concentrate on the rest of your job. Join Idera for a discussion of the latest and greatest in Windows Server backup technology and how it can reduce your backup timeline (and headaches).

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About the Presenter

Brian Winebarger is a sales engineer for Idera Server Backup. He is a veteran of over 10 years in the IT industry with experience in application support and quality engineering in datacenter environments. When not aiding customers in getting the most out of their backup software, Brian enjoys spending time with his family and running.