During some community discussions today, a long string of questions was asked centered around best practices for sizing VMs. HP released a Unified Sizer for Server Virtualization a while back but today it was tough to find. To find out, the tool has been moved to a new location. So, to make it easier for all of us to find in the future, here’s the new link:

HP Unified Sizer for Server Virtualization

What does the tool do? From the download page:


The HP Unified Sizer for Server Virtualization is an automated, downloadable tool that provides quick and helpful sizing guidance for “best-fit” HP server and storage configurations running in VMware vSphere 5.0 or Microsoft Hyper-V R2 environments. The tool is intended to assist with the planning of virtual server deployment projects on HP server and storage technologies. It enables the user to quickly compare different solution configurations and produces a customizable server and storage solution complete with a detail Bill of Materials (BOM) that includes part numbers and prices.


The HP Unified Sizer for Server Virtualization allows users to create new solutions, open existing solutions, or use other types of performance data collecting tools, such as the Microsoft Assessment and Planning tool (MAP), to build rich virtualized configurations based on HP server and storage technologies. The tool allows rapid comparison of virtualized solutions using various HP server and storage choices and offers a choice of VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technologies in a common tool.


The download is approximately 55MB and installs a bevy of sizing tools, ranging from Vmware to Hyper-V, from Exchange to Sharepoint. Some of the tools require that you obtain an additional license, but the majority of them are ready to run.