Today’s IT department administers both facilities and applications, and with the number of user-centric applications exploding, the scope of that mission is straining resources of all kinds, especially skilled infrastructure talent. Labor is one of the largest cost components in any data center operation, and one that is becoming increasingly expensive per full-time equivalent staffer. One way to slash labor costs is to shift application responsibilities to the end-user realm, where department-level subject matter experts are best positioned to handle applications deployment and ongoing management. As a result of such a shift, IT focuses on delivering compute services: servers, network, and storage, along with security, resilience, and data protection. That’s the impetus behind the private cloud concept of data center virtualization.

Exploiting the many virtualization and management accelerators available in a private cloud lets you provision, monitor, administer, and remediate the data center infrastructure with a much smaller labor force than required to run a traditional DC. One person can do the work of 10, or 20. This whitepaper, written by Mel Beckman, shows you all the ways to save costs by moving to a private cloud enterprise computing model.