One of the biggest and perhaps most strategic decisions currently on CIO plates is if or when to deploy some or all applications using cloud services. The decision is easy for some companies. For example, if you’re a new company starting up or a small company running outdated applications on old computers, now’s a great time to exploit cloud services. On the other hand, companies who are multi-national, distributed, or have to comply with specific legislative, regulatory, security, or audit requirements often find it harder to move applications and data into the cloud.

This white paper, written by Tony Redmond, sets out a number of important questions that any company considering moving to Office 365 should incorporate into their planning. It is not intended to argue the case to move to Office 365 or to remain using an on-premises deployment. Every company is different and the questions raised here will be of more or less importance to some companies than others. The value is in the process of asking the questions and being sure that well-founded answers exist rather than the questions themselves, which are largely based on commonsense and could be asked about a migration to any new platform.