Recently, there has been a bit of hubbub over a study put together by a California High School freshman who "discovered" that the iPad can interfere with heart implants due to the magnet in the iPad Smart Case and because it emits electromagnetic fields.

You can read the full media announcement here: iPAD 2s Can Interfere with Life-Saving Cardiac Rhythm Devices

The High School student won second prize in the San Joaquin County Science Fair, and then went on to place in the Sacramento Regional Science Fair, before finally receiving Honorable Mention at the State event.

This was big news a couple weeks ago. Personally, I saw the news lobbied about across several different communities. It was definitely link worthy.

Not to take anything away from the High School freshman, I'm positive there were many hours of research performed and lots of notes compiled to produce a stellar exhibit and report. However, if she would have just read the manual…

On page 126 of the iPad User Guide, it clearly states…

Manuals. Sheesh.

Download the iPad User Guide: