is offering two different options to pre-order Xbox One. There's a Day One Edition, which includes a commemorative controller, an unlock code for a special Day One achievement, and premium packaging, and then a regular edition. The Day One product is limited in production so if you pre-ordered through during the first hours after availability, you may have been told the Day One edition was out of stock.

Over the weekend, announced they received additional Day One consoles and upgraded customers automatically.

Here's the email:

"Dear Customer,

 Thank you for pre-ordering the Xbox One. We are writing to inform you that we received additional Xbox One "Day One Edition" consoles and have upgraded your order from the "Standard Edition."

 The Xbox One "Day One Edition" console includes a commemorative controller, token code to unlock an exclusive Day One achievement, and premium packaging at no additional cost.

 You do not need to take any action or make any changes to your current order."

I've always maintained that it pays to be an customer. just does things right. I'm a long time Prime customer and prefer to order there first before looking anywhere else. Kudos to