Q: How often does Group Policy update security settings, and how can I configure that interval?

A: By default, Group Policy is refreshed every 90 minutes (plus a random time period up to 30 minutes) on domain members, but only if Group Policy has changed. In addition, every 960 minutes (16 hours), security settings are reapplied regardless of whether any changes to Group Policy have been made. To modify the value of the security refresh from the default 960 minutes, perform these steps:

  1. Start the registry editor (regedit.exe).
  2. Navigate to the HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon\GPExtensions \{827D319E-6EAC-11D2-A4EA- 00C04F79F83A\} registry subkey.
  3. Double-click the value MaxNoGPOListChangesInterval and set it to the desired number of minutes. Click OK and close the registry editor.