Getting Started with PowerShell 4.0 - On Demand

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Presented by Jeffery Hicks

Running Time: 187 Minutes

This eLearning class is targeted at the IT professional looking to get started with PowerShell. The goal is to provide enough information and guidance so that the attendee can begin using PowerShell in an effective manner by the end of the day. You will be able to carry out common administrative tasks such as restarting a service, reporting on the amount of free drive space on a server, and terminating unwanted processes. Even though the sessions will be using PowerShell 4.0, most of the content will apply to PowerShell 3.0 as well.


Session 1: Shells, Syntax and Support

PowerShell is a management engine that most IT pros will experience through an interactive shell. You type a command and something happens. Unfortunately, many IT pros don’t know what to do after they open a PowerShell console. In this session you will learn how to navigate the shell, learn about PSDrives, discover the power of cmdlets in the pipeline and the syntax to pull it all together.

At the end of the session you will know:

  • How to use the PowerShell Help system, including updating new content
  • How to run basic and common commands for everyday management tasks like stopping a service
  • How to use PSDrives to navigate other data sources like the registry
  • Understand how to run commands in the PowerShell pipeline and why it is so important
  • Understand what it means to work with objects and learn about the PowerShell paradigm


Session 2: Reach Out and Touch Someone

PowerShell would not be of much use if it was only used locally. Fortunately, PowerShell can be used to manage remote computers from 1 to 1,000. PowerShell’s remoting story involves several chapters and in this session you will learn a variety of tools and techniques for connecting with, querying and managing remote computers.

At the end of the session you will know:

  • How to connect to remote computers to get information on services, processes and hot fixes
  • How to use Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) to query remote computers for information such as free drive space
  • Learn about the new technologies, WSMAN and CIM, that are used for querying WMI information
  • How to set up your computer for PowerShell Remoting
  • How to use a PSSessions to invoke a command on 1, 10 or 100 computers


Session 3: Getting Started with PowerShell Scripting

PowerShell is a management engine that can be used interactively, or through scripting. Many IT pros will turn to PowerShell scripting to automate recurring administrative tasks. In PowerShell, if you can run a series of commands interactively, you can write a PowerShell script or function. This session will introduce scripting to the IT pro. No previous experience is required. You will learn about the PowerShell ISE, scripting security and requirements, and how to write basic scripts and functions.

After this session you will know:

  • The differences between PowerShell scripts, functions and modules
  • About script security and requirements and how to configure your computer to run PowerShell scripts
  • How to use the common features of the PowerShell ISE
  • How to write a basic PowerShell script so you don’t have to keep typing the same commands over and over
  • How to write and use a PowerShell function which is how you create your own tools to make your job easier



Jeffery Hicks is a Windows PowerShell MVP with almost 20 years of IT experience. He works as an independent consultant, trainer, and author. His latest book, with Don Jones and Richard Siddaway, is PowerShell in Depth: An administrator's guide (Manning, 2013).



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