The January 2010 Reader Challenge
A recent Reader Challenge on changing local passwords ("Reader Challenge November 2009") brought a slew of emails from readers who wanted more information and solutions to problems in their companies. How much do you know about user passwords?

Question 1: Password reset disks are available for
A) Domain logons only
B) Local logons only
C) Both domain and local logons

Question 2: Password hints appear
A) Only for stand-alone computers and computers in workgroups
B) Only for stand-alone computers and computers in domains
C) All computers

Question 3: The name of the last user to log on automatically appears in the logon dialog box
A) Only for computers joined to workgroups
B) Only for computers joined to domains
C) All computers on any type of network

Question 1: B
Question 2: A
Question 3: B

January 2010 Reader Challenge Winner
Congratulations to Matt Bjonnes of Pennsylvania, the winner of our January 2010 Reader Challenge. He wins a copy of Windows 7: The Definitive Guide from O'Reilly Media.

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