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Every IT deployment is a balancing act: you have to weigh the costs against the benefits. A lot of data is available about what you have to invest to deploy Microsoft Lync. But it’s more difficult to quantify the return on your investment because Microsoft’s built-in tools focus on measuring service quality. That’s important, but it doesn’t help with the critical need you face to demonstrate adoption rates and ROI after you deploy Lync. In this webcast, we’ll discuss the monitoring and reporting tools that Lync provides for tracking usage and adoption, and we’ll cover important metrics that you’ll want to be familiar with. You will learn how to:

  • Gain insight into how and when users are using Lync
  • Identify actions you can take to increase usage and satisfaction
  • Compare usage to legacy communication systems
  • Plan for growth in your Lync usage rates and infrastructure

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Paul Robichaux is a senior contributing editor for Windows IT Pro and a Microsoft Exchange Server MVP. He is the author of several books, most recently Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out: Clients, Connectivity, and UM (Microsoft Press). Paul is on Twitter at @paulrobichaux, and he blogs at paulrobichaux.wordpress.com.

Dan Barker is a Global Product Manager and evangelist for Dell Software. Dan speaks at events all over the world on business and technology topics. He has held a broad range of technical and business leadership positions, including stints as a lead software engineer, financial & data analyst, and general manager. Dan has worked with SharePoint as an architect, developer, and administrator since the products inception in 2001. Dan is a graduate of Kent State University and holds an executive MBA from the Nance School of Business at Cleveland State University and works from the Microsoft campus in Redmond Washington.