Wednesday, October 2nd @ 12pm ET

IT organizations are looking for ways to modernize their data centers by adopting storage strategies that improve cost, performance and efficiency. Flash storage is one of the technologies that enables IT to modernize I/O intensive applications through an infrastructure refresh, helping to accelerate business, increase efficiency and transform without disruption.

Dell Compellent, a high-performance, scalable storage platform that unifies block and file data, is now available with new flash-optimized solutions that revolutionize the current storage price model, providing flash performance at rotating disk capacities and prices.

Join us for a live webcast where we will discuss Compellent’s newest enhancements designed to drive down cost while boosting performance for enterprise databases, OLTP systems, and other I/O intensive workloads. This one-hour webcast will cover topics on how Compellent optimizes performance with cost and capacity requirements, including:

A unique ability to automatically tier between different types of high performance SSDs and high capacity HDDs based on workload requirements;

Up to 5x price advantage over competitive solutions with the all-flash and hybrid configurations;

New ultra-dense storage for archival and less frequently accessed data;

Enhancements to the scale-out file data management capabilities;

A complete set of enterprise-class features for mid-tier customer deployments.


Julita Kussmaul is a senior marketing manager in the Dell Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Group. Before joining Dell last year, Julita held positions in product marketing and product management at Sun Microsystems, Oracle and EMC. Julita has an MBA from Boston University and is fluent in German and Polish.