Tablets have shown the most explosive growth of any device over the past three years. Management teams love them for their portability and access to email, but broader teams have struggled with using tablets as their primary device. Concerns about application access, business usability, security, and management have all slowed the growth of tablets across a wide variety of business use cases.

If you choose a device with processing power, application access, and two-in-one device capabilities, tablet devices can allow you to meet the needs of your on-demand workforce while improving performance across the board. Consider changing the way you look at your end-user computing strategy by allowing a tablet to serve as the primary device to:

  • Increase collaboration in team settings
  • Perform more jobs/appointments per day
  • Reduce administrative work for mobile workers

Watch now to learn how tablets can be incorporated into a variety of functions across healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, and more.