Create Powerful Solutions for SharePoint 2010 Using SharePoint Designer 2010 - On Demand

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Presented by Asif Rehmani

Running Time: 154 minutes

Go beyond basic SharePoint customizations using just the browser and learn how to maximize the impact and truly realize the value of SharePoint 2010 by building powerful solutions using SharePoint Designer ... No Code Required!

Using SharePoint Designer 2010:

  • Create robust Workflows for your SharePoint sites
  • Get access to your backend data and use conditional formatting to present it the way you want to your users
  • Get access to your backend data and use conditional formatting to present it the way you want to your users

These important SharePoint issues and more will be addressed in this eLearning conference. Asif Rehmani, a Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) with one of the best recognized names in the industry, will share comprehensive technical knowledge and real-world perspective in this one-of-a-kind event.

Learn from the best, get your questions answered, and take away prescriptive guidance for building successful SharePoint solutions. This event is independent, in-depth, and "spin-free." You'll learn what works, what doesn't, and how to maximize the impact and value of SharePoint.


Session 1: Introduction to SharePoint Designer 2010: Top 5 Great Things to Know!

SharePoint Designer 2010, which is a free application, is “The Preferred” tool to design powerful no-code solutions and applications in SharePoint 2010. In this session you will get a broad overview of the capabilities of the tool, from site customizations such as modifying Site Metadata, managing Site Security, or creating Site Content, to building List or Site based Workflows and connecting to a variety of Data Sources. You will also learn about the new ribbon interface of SharePoint Designer 2010 and shows how best to take advantage of this application by showing the new bells and whistles that come with this product.

In this session, you'll learn why SharePoint Designer is so essential for Power Users and Site Admins:

  • SharePoint Designer 2010 is the preferred tool to create robust, no code composite solutions on top of SharePoint 2010.
  • SharePoint Designer 2010 can be used to automate business processes by creating data driven solutions and powerful workflows
  • Creating SharePoint 2010 components is easy and more efficient to do with SharePoint Designer 2010. Site administrators and designers should use this tool when creating sites, lists/libraries, site columns, content types, external content types and more


Session 2: Creating Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010, InfoPath 2010 and Visio 2010

Forms and Workflows are important for automating business processes. Companies usually rely on programmers to create the forms and workflows using code. Not anymore! With InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010, you can create powerful data driven form composite solutions on your SharePoint sites. InfoPath gives you the ability to pull data from databases and lists, and create forms with data validation and conditional formatting. SharePoint Designer's workflows let you then design powerful multi-step workflows centered around the form collected data, building upon the out-of-the-box reusable workflows and even import workflow designs from Visio! In this presentation, you will see how these tools come together to design workflows and route forms across your organization for task assignment and approval, and also how you can reuse your workflows in other lists and libraries on your site.

In this rapid-fire session, Asif will shed light on the following areas:

  • InfoPath 2010 can be used to create powerful electronic forms with data from a variety of sources including Databases and SharePoint lists
  • Visio 2010 provides business analysts the capability to design SharePoint Workflows with the built in workflow template. This workflow can then be imported into SharePoint Designer 2010.
  • SharePoint Designer 2010 is The Tool to use to create robust workflows (List, Reusable, and Site based) for SharePoint 2010.


Session 3: Creating Data Centric Composite Applications using SharePoint Designer 2010

SharePoint Designer 2010 can be used to integrate data from a variety of sources into a single SharePoint composite solution. This session will demonstrate how the XSLT web parts in SharePoint Designer can be used for the task of retrieving data from SharePoint Lists, Libraries, Databases and Web Services. You will also learn about how to conditionally format the data. Then you will also see how data from multiple data sources can be connected to produce a unified view of related information. All without a single line of code!

In this session, you'll learn:

  • The XSLT web part is prevalent throughout SharePoint to expose data to the user. This web part can be highly customized using SharePoint Designer 2010 and further customized by site administrators directly using the web browser.
  • The XSLT web parts can show data from a variety of sources including SharePoint lists/libraries, databases, xml files and web services.
  • The data in XSLT web part can be conditionally formatted to present a customized view to the end user.


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