Microsoft's official training kit for Windows Azure has recently been updated to include new presentations and labs highlighting updated features for Virtual Machines and Mobile Services. If you've already downloaded the kit before, you'll want to grab the updates. If you've not seen the Windows Azure Training Kit yet, I would highly suggest getting on board now. Microsoft has made steady feature additions to Windows Azure and the list of new products keeps on growing. Mary Jo Foley produced some insider information recently indicating that Microsoft is working on a Remote Desktop component for Windows Azure called 'Mohoro'. A few days ago, Microsoft announced that Windows Azure hit $1 billion in revenue for the first time.

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Now is the perfect time to get up-to-speed on the technologies. Many of the on-premise services you've been used to for ages are all being ported to the Cloud. Getting early knowledge about Windows Azure offerings is key to a prolonged professional life in IT.

Microsoft gives you three different ways to obtain the Windows Azure Training Kit. You can download the source code from GitHub (build it from the recipe), download just the specific content you want using a Web Installer (buffet style), or by grabbing the entire kit (all-you-can eat) from the Microsoft Download site for offline use. The full kit is around 500 MB.

Microsoft has pulled all of the options together on a single splash page, so you can choose one or many of the options.

The gateway to your Windows Azure learning is here: Windows Azure Training Kit