This article serves as an introduction to a new series we'll be putting together for you called: Truth in IT.

At WindowsITPro we feel an obligation and responsibility, not just to our loyal readers, but to IT in general, to sift through the topics of the day and create a truthful discussion about the future of IT.

There's a LOT of disinformation out there about industry trends, brought on by vendors and analyst firms whose hunger for revenue supersedes the willingness to have an honest conversation. There are a lot of folks working in IT that take what they read or hear at face value, and still others that read about technology futures and disregard what's happening because it doesn't affect them at the moment.

Both types of responses are never good, particularly for those that want to continue their professional career in IT instead of selling hotdogs on the beach within 5 years.

So, here at WindowsITPro, we feel that it's our duty to weed through the stories of the day and to tell you the cold truth, no matter how tough a turn that takes. And, we feel we have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to be uniquely positioned over any other community or website to be a true trusted source.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be identifying and reporting on trends that will have a direct impact on your job, and we'll give some prescriptive guidance on how to prepare for the future of IT.

We have some ideas to start the series out, so look for the first posts soon. However, we want you to be part of the conversation. Working together we can build the ultimate guide for IT. So, feel free to comment, make suggestions, criticize, applaud or whatever it is that you do online to get involved – just make sure to participate.