Despite hearing from actual people that BYOD is stalled, I see reports thrown around quite a bit that state otherwise. So, either I'm listening to the wrong people, or analysts are surveying the wrong people. I can see this from a couple different perspectives where on one side IT knows what's actually going on in the infrastructure, while still pacifying the management drivers of BYOD by telling them they are on target with their BYOD implementation, and so management (who is generally the folks being surveyed) are happy to profess that their company is meeting expectations.

Whatever the case, Webroot has released an Infographic giving the current state of BYOD based on data from a multitude of sources. Webroot has an interest in BYOD's success since they produce security software for mobile devices, and security is one of the major speed bumps keeping BYOD from being an overnight success. Click the image for a larger view.


BYOD: The SMB Mobile Threat