North Bridge, in partnership with GigaOM Research has released their 3rdannual survey on the state of Cloud Computing.

Per the release, the study…

…focuses on Cloud adoption, growth, investment, and key trends emanating from the 2011 and 2012 surveys.

I'd highly suggest you dig through the results on your own when you have time, because like any survey, the numbers can be spun in any manner. Already, Microsoft is suggesting that businesses are less worried about security in the Cloud now and instead more focused on how it will change their infrastructure. I don't read it that way, and I definitely don't hear it that way from real folks.

The respondent breakdown gives the C-level executives the biggest contribution in the survey at 36% with IT following closely behind at 31%. SaaS saw 15% growth from 2012, PaaS 22%, and IaaS grew 29%. But, what is truly interesting is that the survey seems to suggest that Public Cloud use will decline steadily in the next 5 years with the Hybrid Cloud becoming the master of all due to the business need to retain control, regulate costs, and ensure reliability. (P.S. The survey was provided before the huge NSA PRISM debacle, so it would be interesting to see how much that changes the Public Cloud decline numbers)

Take a look for yourself: