For many organizations, Windows XP end-of-support-life represents a looming nightmare of rising security vulnerability, potentially costly non-compliance and growing management complexity. However, there is still time to minimize these risks and address Windows migration in a rational and efficient manner. Desktop virtualization provides a mechanism to not only accelerate the transition from Windows XP to Windows 7/8.1, but also address key strategic IT priorities at the same time—in particular, around enterprise mobility. Citrix XenDesktop with FlexCast technology lets you deploy Windows 7/8.1 apps and desktops immediately while continuing to provide access to apps limited to Windows XP compatibility. In parallel, you can use Citrix AppDNA to identify legacy apps that require remediation or replacement, and deal with these in a gradual process based on business requirements and organizational priorities. The resulting environment, with the flexibility to deliver apps and desktops on-demand however best suits the needs of business and the users—anywhere, anytime, on any device—enables the required mobility by today’s enterprise workforce.