Privileged users routinely have access to sensitive and private company data including financial, customer, payment card and health data giving them extremely sensitive and potentially toxic-to-your-business levels of responsibility. This is even more critical in today’s business environment that is driving cost efficiencies through outsourcing, off-shoring, contractors, managed service providers, cloud providers and ISVs. Auditing privileged user activity is an essential component of your information security plan and is required to meet multiple industry, local and federal compliance regulations.

Understand how privileged user activity auditing and system level surveillance of privileged users’ sessions across Windows, UNIX and Linux can help your organization stay in compliance and secure your system infrastructure. Learn how breakthroughs in technology can ensure that every privileged user logs in with their unique identity directly tying actions to an individually identifiable user. Discover how you can quickly and easily audit all user activity across your all of your Windows servers as well as all major distributions of UNIX and Linux providing a complete solution for real-time and historical user activity auditing.

Hear from frontline IT professionals on the best practices and practical customer experiences that further demonstrate the need and urgency for privileged user activity monitoring. See examples of how you can easily and quickly meet compliance and regulatory requirements and ask questions of how you can start to leverage this in your enterprise.