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Malware Hunting with the Sysinternals Tools - On Demand

Presented by Mark Russinovich

This session provides an overview of several Sysinternals tools, including Process Monitor, Process Explorer, and Autoruns, focusing on the features useful for malware analysis and removal. These utilities enable deep inspection and control of processes, file system and registry activity, and autostart execution points.

Manage Server 2012 Like a Pro or, Better, Like an Evil Overlord! - On Demand

Presented by Mark Minasi

The biggest change in server management is, however, not the all-new Server Manager. That title has to go to the tenfold increase in PowerShell tools. And from that point, there's the constant need to keep an eye on things and tweak what needs tweaking. With 2012, though, there are so many more ways to keep things running, and who better to explain those things than Windows expert and bestselling author Mark Minasi.

Managing SQL Server Performance with Extended Events - On Demand

Presented by Jason Strate

One of a DBA's primary responsibilities is managing the performance of a SQL Server environment. When performance problems arise, DBAs need to have the correct tools in place to be able to dig in and discover the issues that are occurring.

Maximizing Plan Reuse - On Demand

Presented by Andrew Kelly

To get peak performance from your SQL Server instance, you need to ensure that the majority of your database calls reuse a previously compiled query plan. Lack of proper plan reuse can add an enormous amount of overhead to your system and can affect overall performance.

Migrate to Modern Public Folders the Worry-Free Way - On Demand

Presented by John Rodriguez

Worried about migrating your legacy public folder environment to Exchange Server 2013 modern public folders? This session will give you the confidence to tackle even the largest migration—from planning and preparation through the migration itself, all the way to validation. Don't leave your migration to chance.

Migrating SharePoint Solutions to Apps for SharePoint - On Demand

Presented by Sonya Koptyev

There are many business scenarios and solutions that have been built on the SharePoint 2010 platform that are critical to customers. As companies, partners, and solution providers look to move to the SharePoint 2013 platform, these solutions should be reimagined to leverage the new cloud app model and apps for SharePoint.

Office 365: Introduction to SharePoint Online Development - On Demand

Presented by Corey Roth

SharePoint Online, part of the Office 365 suite, offers a great developer story in the cloud. Through the use of sandboxed solutions, you can deploy highly customized solutions using Visual Studio 2012.

Practical Uses of Windows Functions - On Demand

Presented by Itzik Ben-Gan

This session first explains the design of window functions and then covers practical uses of the functions, demonstrating how you can use them to address business challenges.

SharePoint Performance: Best Practices from the Field - On Demand

Presented by Jason Himmelstein

Do you want to avoid performance mistakes? This in-depth session will discuss how to properly position your SharePoint farm for success, beginning with the hardware and ending with troubleshooting methodologies to maximize performance. Find out about the pitfalls before you hit them from someone who has climbed out of deep dark holes in the real world. Best practices from the field are combined with recommendations from Microsoft and trial-and-error experiences.

SQL Server Index Internals - On Demand

Presented by Tim Chapman

Proper indexing is critical to every SQL Server installation. Having the correct indexes is imperative; having the incorrect or excessive indexes can be detrimental to system performance. This session will dig deep into what a SQL Server index is, when to choose a specific index, and what those indexes are actually doing inside the engine.

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