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The New Era of VirtualizationThe New Era of Virtualization

 The attraction of virtualization was the same then as it is now: to save money. Computers were expensive to build, and virtualization promised to reduce the number of computers needed. Even the earliest computers spent a lot of time sitting around waiting for work. Virtualization was a way to let multiple projects share a single computer while keeping them fully isolated, improving utilization and lowering total cost of ownership.

Greg Shields on VirtualizationGreg Shields on Virtualization

No matter how long you may have been using VMware vSphere—VMware’s cloud computing virtualization operating system—questions undoubtedly still arise. You might find the answer you’re looking for in this collection of FAQs by Greg Shields.

Mel Beckman's Virtualization Decision Support GuideMel Beckman's Virtualization Decision Support Guide

Virtualization technologies come in several varieties, the three most popular being server, storage, and user interface. Each offers many options, and choosing the right options for your application is critical to achieving project success. This first article in our Virtualization Decision Support guide leads you through the landscape of server virtualization features and capabilities, pointing out a few pitfalls along the way.

PowerShell 101PowerShell 101: A Quick-Start Guide to PowerShell

The word "scripting" probably makes a lot of IT admins cringe, but it's not that scary or difficult to learn. Windows PowerShell is one of the newest scripting languages, and it has a lot of features that IT admins will appreciate. For example, like spelling in the English language, the naming conventions in many scripting languages are inconsistent. PowerShell avoids such inconsistencies, making it much easier to learn and use.

Governance: A SharePoint NecessityGovernance: A SharePoint Necessity

Governance is, without doubt, a big, hairy topic, but it’s made worse because the community has blurred concepts of governance with concepts of management. The way you deploy, secure, configure, and audit a service is—in services outside of SharePoint—called management. These are operational issues and one of the major concerns in operations is making operations more manageable—more automated.

TSQL 101T-SQL 101: A Quick-Start Guide to T-SQL Basics

The 10 lessons in the T-SQL 101 series can help you learn the basics, such as how to write queries that retrieve, add, update, and delete records in tables and how to group and aggregate data that you retrieved with queries so that you can produce informative reports. By the end of the series, you’ll even be able to create tables, views, and custom stored procedures.

Pocket Guide to Configuring and Troubleshooting DNS

This essential primer traces the history of DNS through the evolution of Windows Server, from Windows NT 3.51 to the present, illuminating how the product has become an essential component of AD implementation and the Internet. DNS has experienced some growing pains, and expert authors like Mark Minasi and Mark Burnett have gone the extra mile to help you get past the most common misconfigurations and gotchas while providing the fundamentals about configuring, installing, customizing, and troubleshooting the many facets of DNS.

Reluctant DBAThe Reluctant DBA: SQL Server Basics

More and more companies are asking their IT pros and developers to manage their SQL Server systems instead of having a dedicated DBA on staff. However, most of these “reluctant DBAs” have little to no experience with relational database administration and are looking for quick answers to their questions on SQL Server basics.

Pocket Guide to Outlook Tips and Techniques

Popular Windows IT Pro author, William Lefkovics, responds to the most common Outlook questions and problems facing administrators with his popular tips, tricks, and techniques. You’ll discover everything you need to know about how to make Outlook more secure for your organization, and to how help users set up and share RSS feeds. You’ll also uncover how to manage users, optimize mailbox performance, and exploit some of the lesser known features of Outlook.

5 Years of Power ToolsMark Minasi’s 5 Years of Power Tools

Learn how to exploit the most useful—and often overlooked—Windows power tools. This eBook includes comprehensive advice on how to save time and money managing your Windows environment using command-line utilities, each one hand-selected by Mark Minasi. You’ll discover more than 60 tips to administer, optimize, and secure your Windows environment.

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