Here's a new take on the whole BYOD phenomenon. Aruba Networks recently took a different angle in a survey to report on BYOD. For the longest time we've been focusing on the technology and IT side of BYOD, because, frankly, it has been lacking. But, this new report from Aruba Networks integrates the sentiment of the actual users of the personal devices on the corporate network.

As IT Pros, we've known for years that end-users consider us a necessary evil that is most times helpful but sometimes condescending. I mean, c'mon, who can't work the right mouse button these days? But, it seems, the negativity toward IT has surfaced again for BYOD and is driving a wedge further between IT and the business users, and possibly slowing BYOD adoption.

Some shocking numbers from the report:

Employees think their employer’s motives are suspicious: 18 percent in Europe, 24 percent in the Middle East and 31 percent in the US are concerned that adding security software will give their employers access to personal data.

Losing personal data is the number one concern for workers using personal devices, with US users being most worried at 66 percent. Europe is second at 45 percent and the Middle East at 40 percent.

Even more concerning for business is that 13 percent in Europe, 26 percent in the Middle East and 11 percent in the USA would not report that their personal device had been compromised, even if it leaked company data. A further 40 percent of European workers, 41 percent of Middle Eastern workers and 36 percent of US employees would not report leaked data immediately.

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