“Lossless” iSCSI? What’s that? Does this mean my existing iSCSI Storage Area Network (SAN) is “lossy?” Alas, it likely does mean just that. Although many IT technologists are new to the concept of packet loss in iSCSI storage area networks, the reality is that most off –the-shelf Ethernet hardware deployed for iSCSI can lose packets, resulting in slow performance or, in some cases, unacceptable application downtime.

To avoid these disasters, and achieve the full potential of Ethernet SAN throughput, requires an understanding of iSCSI’s underlying Ethernet transport problems and the well-understood technologies that can resolve them. This essential guide will arm you with that knowledge and you’ll be well positioned to assess your current iSCSI infrastructure, evaluate lossless iSCSI products, and engineer an iSCSI SAN infrastructure that will make it possible to implement high-class benefits that are traditionally only available with its FC cousin.