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Thanks for the PowerFun!

My workload has recently gotten so tight that I'm no longer able to commit to even a semi-regular blogging schedule. Rather than letting myself get....More

What does PowerShell's [CmdletBinding()] Do?

Folks are often confused about when to use this "decorator" in PowerShell scripts and functions. Let's clear up the confusion....More

Tricks with Test-Connection

Learning to use Test-Connection properly opens up a whole new world of capabilities in your PowerShell scripts....More

Guest Post: FacebookPSModule -- Managing Facebook in PowerShell

For many companies and organizations today, Facebook is as important as email or websites as a tool for reaching their customers. However, tools for....More

Why PowerShell is Like Algebra

With all its punctuation and (parentheses), PowerShell can sometimes seem more like a math exercise than a command-line shell. Here's how to make....More

Listing WMI Namespaces

Quickly list WMI namespaces available on any computer....More

Learn PowerShell. Tell the World. Get a Free Book.

Always wanted to learn PowerShell but haven't had the motivation? If you're willing to give me an hour a day, I'll help you out - if you'll share the....More

Making PowerShell Params

There's a ton of confused folks out there when it comes to PowerShell parameters, but I understand why. Let's clear things up....More

Need Some Help with That PowerShell Project?

Companies are starting to recognize the value of PowerShell-based automation in their environments - but when their team's skills aren't up to snuff....More

PowerShell Editor Roundup

This was a major undertaking for us, involving three focus groups, some lengthy surveys and statistical analysis, and a lot of follow-up with product....More