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Jul 16, 2010

Creativity and Computing

Google versus Apple, yet again....More
Jul 15, 2010

RIP, Windows 2000! 1

On Tuesday, Windows 2000 Advanced Server finally reached its end of support. Ten years is a long time for an OS release, and Microsoft’s server operating system has come a long way since then. I suspect that many people working in the IT infrastructure now, 10 years later, don’t realize how much W2K and AD shook up the security infrastructure of the day....More
Jul 7, 2010

In R2, AD Gets Just A Little Bit Smarter

Our friends over at the Active Directory Documentation Team just posted a nice little article that describes how, in R2, AD is now automatically handling some load balancing that was first manually addressed in Windows Server 2003....More
Jun 24, 2010

Problems with updates and ESX?

If you use VMware products for server virtualization, there’s a fair chance that you’ve encountered one of two recent glitches that are affecting your VMs....More
Jun 17, 2010

The Poster Man! 3

You meet all kinds of interesting people hanging around the Windows IT Pro booth at Tech Ed. Paul Thurrott and I introduced ourselves to a Microsoft guy that had come up to the booth. His name is Martin McClean, aka – at least now in my head - “The Poster Guy.” He's the fellow that created all those cool component posters....More
Jun 5, 2010

Using AD Sites & Services To Find a DC’s DSA Object GUID, and Tech Ed

Last time I mentioned several ways to find a DC’s DSA object GUID, part of the CNAME (alias) the DC registers in its domain that uniquely identifies it to its replication partners. Today I’ll show you how to find it using Active Directory Sites and Services. Plus, I'll be at Tech Ed!...More
Jun 4, 2010

Microsoft TechEd Comes to New Orleans

TechEd reports, news, and what our editors see, hear, and learn, served up fresh for you next week, here....More
Jun 2, 2010

(Re)registering AD-related DNS records, and Techstravaganza

Hi all, Last time I went over how DCs locate each other for replication purposes using the DSA object GUID, and how sometimes AD-related DNS records – A, CNAME, SRV – get screwed up or aren’t all where they’re supposed to be. There are several simple techniques for re-registering these records....More
Jun 1, 2010

Five Points for Good VBScript Style 1

A few basic rules can help you avoid the most common scripting mistakes....More
May 30, 2010

How DCs Find One Another

Most of us, when troubleshooting a replication problem, have been in this head-scratching situation: DC1 can’t seem to find DC2, but when you log on to DC1 and ping DC2, you instantly get a good reply. Why can’t can’t it find DC2? Because because name resolution between DCs is, naturally, a little more complicated than you may think. But it’s for a good reason....More
May 25, 2010

VMware Ramps Up Certification Program 1

VMware has released a new certification program called the VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP). The VCAP certification serves a second-tier certification, for IT administrators and consultants to drill deeper into the VMware certification world. This is a great opportunity for IT folks that want to take a leadership role in their organization's virtualization implementation (or to have the knowledge to react to the business's push toward virtualization). Virtualization has had a huge adoption in a very short time, and training resources are still catching up....More
May 10, 2010

Confused About Registering and Troubleshooting SPNs? Help Is On The Way

Kurt Hudson over on the AD documentation team blog has put together a pretty thorough wiki on how to register and troubleshoot Service Principal Names (SPNs). An SPN is the way a service on a particular computer is located in Kerberos / AD. It’s always been a confusing subject for me, especially when you combine it with utilities like KTPASS....More
May 7, 2010

Seven Troubleshooting Principles For Any Occasion

Last time I talked about the need to keep a solid troubleshooting methodology in mind, and promised some of my favorite troubleshooting principles. Of course, these aren’t just useful for figuring out why something in AD isn’t working. They’re equally handy when you’re trying to figure out how to fix a sprinkler, or why that last attempt at the almond-crusted mahi-mahi tasted like black licorice....More
May 5, 2010

Virtualization Product Updates from Quest and HERMES SoftLab

Quest Software announced a new release of vWorkspace 7.1, a single virtualization solution for application delivery and desktop deployments. The new release includes enhancements such as EOP Xtream to speed WAN performance and integration with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services to automate deployment and administration....More
May 4, 2010

Xsigo uses supercomputer tech to improve virtualized networks

When you move from physical servers to virtual servers, you suddenly have a lot fewer NICs. Any hardware has a limit on how many NICs can fit into them, but you need a certain number for any given application. Plus, you have to deal with wiring them all. Xsigo’s attempt to address this problem is the VP780 I/O Director, a system for virtual I/O....More
May 4, 2010

Why AD Replication Troubleshooting Is Hard

A couple of weeks ago at TEC 2010, I gave a session called Active Directory Replication Troubleshooting. Rather than just demonstrate a bunch of REPADMIN tricks (which I’ll certainly do here!), I focused on what I think are the core reasons IT pros have a difficult time troubleshooting replication problems. Half of them don’t have anything to do with replication....More
May 2, 2010

TEC 2010 and the Wook Lee Challenge

One of the TEC conference’s unique traditions is the annual Wook Lee Memorial MVP Pro-Am Challenge. The Challenge is a unique combination of left-brain and right brain activity, with about 24 hours to put it together and present it. It’s always fun to work with a typically high-powered brain trust engaged in creative yet geeky activities. Here are the results of this year's challenge....More
Apr 29, 2010

Need Pro Tips on Virtualization? Get ‘em Here with Greg Shields

Oh, no! Not another blog on virtualization! With the IT world these days full of server virtualization, desktop virtualization, application virtualization, even storage virtualization, you’d think our industry would be getting tired of its infatuation with that six-syllable—and somewhat hard to type— buzzword....More
Apr 28, 2010

A Low Tech Way To Warn Against Disk Full Conditions

An area where AD admins have to keep an eye on is disk full conditions on the volume that contains the AD database %windir%\NTDS\NTDS.DIT. It’s not a common condition, but if it happens it usually happens to ALL the DCs in a domain…and then you’re in a world of hurt....More
Apr 26, 2010

Deploying Office 2010

Is it time for you to deploy Office 2010? 5 approaches to making it work. I saw a down-and-dirty comparison of the five main options you have to deploy Office 2010 in your organization. You might think of them as five flavors spread out along a spectrum between sweet flexibility at one end and tart control at the other....More
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