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Nov 12, 2013

Managed Folders deprecated in Exchange 2013

In all the fuss and bother around more headline changes in Exchange 2013, such as the introduction of the Managed Store or even Managed Aavailability, It might have missed your attention, but Microsoft deprecated Messaging Records Management 1.0 (MRM 1.0), aka “Managed Folders”, in Exchange 2013. The cmdlets are still available and you can still apply a managed folder policy to a mailbox, but the Managed Folder Assistant will cheerfully ignore that mailbox thereafter....More
Nov 7, 2013

Using Get-HealthReport to monitor DAGs

It’s always nice to receive feedback about a post....More
Nov 5, 2013

Comparing Office 365 numbers to the total Exchange installed base 5

I was struck by the many opinions expressed after I wrote a piece explaining why I do not think on-premises Exchange is dead. Some believed that I am mad and that Microsoft is busily killing one of its larger golden eggs in a rush to convince customers to embrace Office 365 and all things cloud-like. Others thought that my opinion was accurate and that on-premises Exchange would persist for many a long year into the future....More
Oct 31, 2013

MEC or TechEd? Austin, here I come...

As Exchange administrators (and their bosses) plan travel and training budgets for 2014, it makes sense to consider the question whether to go to the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) in Austin (April 1-3) or TechEd North America in Houston (May 12-15). For the majority of people it won’t make sense to go to both conferences and Microsoft has certainly not helped anyone by scheduling the two within five weeks of each other....More
Oct 29, 2013

Increase in Exchange 2013 mailbox sizes is simply "Store tax"

Some of the folks attending Exchange Connections raised the question of why Exchange 2013 mailboxes are so much larger than their legacy equivalents. The situation is addressed in the Exchange 2013 release notes, which say:...More
Oct 24, 2013

Why the upper version always wins in mailbox moves 1

Some might be surprised at the TechNet statement about moving mailboxes in Exchange 2013 that says: In Exchange 2013 you must move mailboxes between Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 from the Exchange 2013 admin center (EAC) and the Exchange Management Shell....More
Oct 22, 2013

The influence Managed Availability has over DAGs that you might not realize

By now I guess that it is a well-known fact that the Managed Availability framework in Exchange 2013 is one of the major developments in this release....More
Oct 17, 2013

Making use of the data logged by Exchange

Two recent posts on Microsoft’s EHLO blog have pleased me very much because they focused in on an area that is often overlooked by Exchange administrators – using the data logged by Exchange for analysis or planning purposes....More
Oct 15, 2013

Why I don't think on-premises Exchange is dead 24

One of the questions raised by some attendees at the recent Exchange Connections conference is the future of on-premises software. Apparently there’s quite a few people who think that Microsoft us busily killing off all its on-premises editions of server applications in the rush to embrace the cloud. In other words, products like Exchange 2013 might be the last in the line because Microsoft wants customers to use Exchange Online in Office 365....More
Oct 10, 2013

Skills for new people coming into a Windows infrastructure shop 4

It’s always nice to meet someone who actually reads your blog. Apart from hearing what that person thinks of the blog content, I like asking if they have any questions that could be discussed in a future blog....More
Oct 8, 2013

NFS and Exchange - not a good combination 3

You always know that you’re in the presence of a real expert because they are able to take a complex problem and reduce it to a simple easy-to-understand statement. And so it was when Jeff Mealiffe (Mr. Performance from the Microsoft Exchange product group) spoke about the “Virtualizing Exchange 2013” at Exchange Connections last week. Normally I run a mile when presentations about hardware start....More
Oct 5, 2013

Exchange Connections 2013 wrap-up

Another Exchange Connections conference has been put to bed and I’m en route back to Europe from the delights of Las Vegas. It seems appropriate to write a wrap-up report as I await a plane in McCarren airport. Here goes....More
Oct 3, 2013

Highlights from Day 2 of the Exchange Connections Conference

Day 2 of Exchange Connections dawned bright and sunny, as you’d expect in Las Vegas. Not that we see much of the sunlight when buried deep in the bowels of the Mandalay Bay conference center paying attention to sessions, or just drinking some pretty awful coffee while hanging out with different people. In any case, here’s what I got from today’s sessions:...More
Oct 2, 2013

Hot points from Exchange Connections 5

It’s been very satisfying to see such a great bunch of people turn up for Exchange Connections, which truly lived up to its ambition of being the best independent conference covering Exchange. It's not only the speakers, of course, because they are always great (I have to say that otherwise they’ll never submit a session proposal again). The important thing is that lots of attendees are here asking some great questions about Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, Office 365, hybrid connectivity, ActiveSync, and Lync interoperability....More
Oct 1, 2013

Release of Apple iPhone 5s and iOS 7 gives new headaches to Exchange administrators 1

Apple’s release of their new iPhone 5c and 5s models and the accompanying update of the iOS operating system to version 7.0 (or whatever point build it is now at) seems to have delighted consumers. Certainly the normal queues appeared at Apple stores in the rush to get one of the new devices and the iTunes servers were overwhelmed with the demand to download iOS 7. All good stuff, even if the notion of a gold iPhone seems strange to someone like me, who isn’t particularly fashion-conscious....More
Sep 26, 2013

When Best Practice goes bad 1

Sometimes best practice – or rather, perceived best practice – goes horribly wrong. This fact of computing life is revealed with a vengeance in a recent blog by MCM Andrew Higgenbotham describing a difficult support problem with Exchange 2013 RTM CU2....More
Sep 24, 2013

Fun all round with the UC Architects at Exchange Connections 1

Continuing my posts previewing sessions at next week's Exchange Connections conference, I think that the live UC Architects broadcast will be a highlight of the event (at Wednesday, 2:30pm). Anyone who has listened to one of their regular podcasts will know that the UC Architects are not slow at coming forward....More
Sep 19, 2013

Managing a 500,000 mailbox Exchange 2010 deployment 3

If you’re one of the fortunate who will attend the Exchange Connections conference in Las Vegas next month, be sure to consider the session “Notes from the Field: Running a 500,000 mailbox on-premises Exchange Server Deployment” at 10AM on Wednesday....More
Sep 17, 2013

Stubbing is OK when Microsoft does it in Exchange 2013 site mailboxes

Microsoft has long railed against the worthlessness of stubbing, a technique used by third-party archiving vendors to extract large items and attachments from user mailboxes and replace them with a smaller item pointing to the archive repository. But now it turns out that Microsoft uses stubbing in Exchange 2013 as the basis for site mailboxes. Confused? Read on......More
Sep 13, 2013

Windows 8.1, Outlook Web App, and IE11 3

Apparently, over two million people have downloaded Windows 8.1 RTM since the software was released by Microsoft. I’m in that category as I have an awful weakness for wanting to use new software; even worse, I have a habit of installing the new software after it is downloaded....More
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