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Aug 18, 2015

New report slams Office 365 compliance features unfairly 2

Compliance is a pretty big deal for many companies, especially those who operate in regulated industries. Almost every jurisdiction mandates that companies preserve certain records related to their business dealings. Given the widespread use of Exchange and SharePoint for communications, it should come as no surprise that Microsoft has invested heavily in building compliance features to support their use in business operations....More
Aug 13, 2015

Frenetic pace of change continues in Office 365 3

Much as I like Microsoft technology, I sometimes wonder what particular brand of Kool-Aid is distributed to their spokespeople. What, for example, moved them to believe that hyping up the fact that over the past year, Microsoft “released over 450 updates to Office 365” would be an inspiring message to the customers who have to cope with such a  volume of change?...More
Aug 11, 2015

Office 365 numbers growing but report identifies some bad user habits in SharePoint and OneDrive

As someone who frequently writes about Office 365, I receive many communications from PR representatives of various companies who would like to advance the name of their company and increase awareness of their activities. Many of those communications relate to Office 365 and what the company is doing to help manage/control/assist/facilitate the transition to the cloud. It’s part of the publicity game and sometimes interesting information is provided....More
Aug 6, 2015

Tony's surprising session choices for IT/DEV Connections 2015

It’s amazing how time goes by quite so quickly. Another IT/DEV Connections is on the horizon (September 14-17 at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas). Scot Hiller and I have built what we think is a pretty good set of sessions for the enterprise collaboration track. Scot is a SharePoint kind of guy but that’s OK....More
Aug 5, 2015

The unnecessary renaming of Outlook Web App 3

The news that Microsoft is introducing a set of changes into their web client for Exchange Online was expected. After all, many of the changes described in yesterday’s Office blog post are already available in Exchange 2016 Preview, which must have set a new benchmark in terms of on-premises software receiving new features ahead of the cloud....More
Aug 4, 2015

Power BI's odd integration with Office 365 Groups 4

Power BI is a cloud-based analytics application that can be bought as part of an Office 365 plan or added to for specific users. It allows users to analyze datasets drawn from different sources (the most basic of which is a CSV-format spreadsheet) and generate views of the data in visual and report formats....More
Jul 30, 2015

Exchange transport pipeline not quite so much of a chokepoint as before

When Exchange 2013 CU9 appeared in June 2016, I thought that there were no surprises lurking in the new code....More
Jul 28, 2015

Why I can't get my head around the Send App 2

I confess to being totally underwhelmed at the prospect of being able to use “Send”, the new email application from the Microsoft Garage that is “built specifically for those brief, snappy communications.” Apparently it’s not good enough to have Outlook on mobile devices when you just want to send a line or so to update a single user about some news. Old-fashioned SMS won’t do either, nor will WhatsApp or even an IM application....More
Jul 22, 2015

Exchange 2016 (preview) now available for testing

Microsoft has made a preview version of Exchange 2016 available for download. The code is on track for final release later on this year as part of the Wave 16 set of Office server applications, probably in the late October timeframe, which would match the release cadence for the last few versions....More
Jul 21, 2015

Microsoft says bring your data home as the Office 365 Import Service ingests everything 2

You’re probably well aware of the Office 365 Import Service and the way that it can import PSTs to mailboxes that are provided either on drives shipped to a Microsoft datacenter or uploaded over the network. Well, as it turns out, PSTs are just the first type of data to be ingested and brought into Office 365 by the Import Service....More
Jul 16, 2015

What you should do to secure mailboxes when employees die

Last week, I discussed the steps that companies can take to secure an Exchange mailbox after an employee is terminated or otherwise leaves the company. I also looked at the steps to accomplish the same goal for Office 365 in this article....More
Jul 14, 2015

Microsoft announces new top-of-the-range E5 plan for Office 365 3

Office 365 is in a state of constant evolution, so it’s not at all surprising that Microsoft would attempt to capture some of that work in a new plan (literally, a menu of options sold to customers). At this week’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Orlando, we got the news that the old E4 plan has been replaced as the “premium Office 365 Enterprise Suite” by E5....More
Jul 9, 2015

Securing an Exchange Online mailbox after an employee is fired 1

In my last post I covered the process that you can use to secure an on-premises Exchange mailbox after an employee is fired from the organization. The situation is different when the mailbox is in the cloud because some of the same conditions and levers do not exist for administrators inside Office 365. Thus, a slightly different approach is necessary....More
Jul 7, 2015

Securing an Exchange on-premises mailbox after an employee is fired 3

Securing information after someone is fired (in HR terms, let go with good reason) is often important, especially if the now-terminated employee is suspected of some form of misconduct.  Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 offer a range of methods to secure and protect mailbox data but software features are useless unless they are executed properly within a well-documented and tested process....More
Jul 2, 2015

Google’s Undo Send feature is better than Outlook Recall Message, but still not totally effective

For whatever reason, the news that Google had upgraded Gmail’s experimental “Undo Send feature from beta to become a full-blown feature available to all caused quite a fuss last week. The feature has been around since 2009, when it first revealed by Google Labs. It’s a mystery why such a useful option took six years to make the transition....More
Jun 30, 2015

Clutter and Groups killed Office 365's People View 2

The harsh reality of an aspect of software development for cloud services is evident in the way Microsoft cut the People View feature from Outlook Web App (OWA) in Office 365. Introduced to First Release tenants in August 2014 and then generally in November 2014, Microsoft took the decision to withdraw People View from March 30, 2015. That process completed in May 2015 and no Office 365 tenant now has access to People View....More
Jun 25, 2015

VMware tells Microsoft that they don't know anything about Exchange 2013 performance 7

I always like it when technologists have a fight. Not a proper fight you understand, one with bare fists and the like, but a good old-fashioning mauling with words....More
Jun 23, 2015

The value of First Release to Office 365 tenants

As you probably know, Microsoft allows administrators to nominate tenants to participate in the "First Release" Office 365 program. The default is to remain with "Standard Release", which means that new functionality is released to your tenant when it's good and ready. Or as Microsoft puts it:...More
Jun 18, 2015

Using intelligent capture and analysis tools to eliminate PSTs

Returning to the topic of PSTs, but only because you can never have enough of these pestilent files, after I wrote about Microsoft’s new Office 365 import service, I had the chance to chat with some of the companies who are dedicated to tracking PSTs down....More
Jun 16, 2015

Exchange 2013 CU9 appears alongside roll-up updates for Exchange 2007 SP3 and Exchange 2010 SP3 2

It’s a sad but true fact that all computer software loses some of its “edginess” as its lifecycle progresses. When Exchange 2013 CU8 appeared on March 17, I called it a “boring” update because it included no major new functionality. On the other hand, CU8 exhibited none of the obvious problems in areas like coexistence and hybrid connectivity that had afflicted previous updates....More
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