Symantec Launches Endpoint Protection 12


Backed by claims that it offers improved performance in both physical and virtual environments, Symantec's Endpoint Protection 12 (SEP12) is now available in two variants: Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition and Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.

According to Symantec, testing by Dennis Labs and the Tolly Group indicates that SEP12 outperforms competing products (in terms of number of threats prevented and performance) running in VDI environments. (Look for a full review of SEP12 from Windows IT Pro in the near future that will evaluate those claims independently.)

I've already blogged about a few of the new features SEP12 brings to the table based on a chat with Symantec Product Marketing Manager Katie Burton. That said, two features that I haven’t mentioned are Insight (Symantec’s cloud and community-based reputation technology) and SONAR, a feature that Symantec claims is the "world’s first hybrid behavioral-reputation engine" that monitors applications and checks for unusual behavior.


Symantec Endpoint Protection 12


SEP12 boasts improved speed and performance on physical and virtual machines, and I'd love to hear from IT pros that are currently testing (or planning to deploy) SEP12 to drop me an email with their thoughts on the raft of new features in this latest release.

In a statement announcing the release of SEP12, Symantec Senior Vice President Chirantan Desai suggested that "organizations of all sizes are at risk of targeted cyber attacks which continue to increase in size, scope and sophistication" and that "Pairing our award winning Insight technology with blazingly fast performance in Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 gives all our customers peace of mind that they are always secure and productive."

Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 is for companies with more than 100 users, and Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 12 is for companies with less than 100 users. Trial versions of both products are available here.

Are you a Symantec Endpoint Protection customer? Let me know if you're planning to upgrade to SEP12, or what you think of the new features and speed improvements. Feel free to add a comment to this blog post or start up a discussion on Twitter.


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on Jul 7, 2011
Make that "email me your contact info." - Jeff
on Jul 7, 2011
Great comments. Would either of you be willing to chat with me by phone about your experiences with SEP? If you're interested just email me at
on Jul 7, 2011
Turning off Sonar is a big mistake. Sonar is the key detection technology in both the SEP and Norton products. You can turn down the alerts, set it to act automatically - but do not turn off Sonar - that would be like leaving half the doors in your house open. You can trust Sonar to act automatically - all Sonar detections are automatically verified through our Insight reputation technology. insight tracks the activity of all software we encounter across over 175 million machines. Just, don't turn off Sonar. Dan Symantec
on Jul 6, 2011
We went to a symantec sales meeting recently where they were pushing this pretty hard. It seemed to most of us at the meeting that this was trying to be all things to all people and seemed pretty big and potentially could use a bunch of bandwidth doing all of the reputation checking they claim it now does. Given Symantec's huge problems when the pushed everyone into SEP 11, I think we aren't the only ones that will be giving version 12 a big wait and see.
on Jul 7, 2011
We'd used Endpoint Protection for years. Earlier this year we switched to Endpoint Protection.Cloud (previously called Hosted Endpoint Protection). While the management is different, Symnatec claims the a/v engine is the same in the hosted and onsite versions. The hosted version came with their SONAR technology. After trying it for awhile, we've disabled it. I can't recall specifics, but it found too many "potential" issues and confused users with all the warnings.

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