Single Quotes vs. Double Quotes in PowerShell: What's the Difference?

I received variations on this question from no less than four folks today, so it's the official Question of the Day: What's the difference between single and double quotes in PowerShell? Which should I use?

Both kinds of quotes are used to delimit string values. In general, you should use single quotes:

Write-Host 'This is a message'

There are three instances when you might want to shift to double quotes. First, when you want to have variable names replaced with their contents:

$var = 'World'
$out = "Hello $var"
# $out now contains 'Hello World'

That's a useful trick, since it saves you from having to concatenate strings in a lot of situations. Second, when you need to delimit a string within the string - such as in a SQL query:

$query = "SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE Name LIKE '%JONES%'"

Using outer double quotes lets you use the single quotes needed within the string. Finally, when you need to use an escape character, since those aren't parsed within single quotes:

Get-Process | Export-CSV processes.tdf -delimiter "`t"

That creates a tab-delimited file. Apart from those three instances, it's generally considered a best practice to stick with single quotes.

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on Dec 10, 2010
Why are single quotes considered best practice?
on Dec 10, 2010
Why are single quotes generally considered best practice?

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