PowerShell v3: Robust Sessions

First: Seemy caveats regarding PowerShell v3.

PowerShell v2 introduced the concept of sessions, which represent a Remoting connection between your computer and a remote one. Unfortunately, v2 sessions were rather fragile things: The slightest network hiccup could disconnect them, with no way to reconnect. You had to start over, which meant you lost whatever was contained inside the remote PowerShell instance.

v3 promises to make sessions a bit hardier. Not only are they more resilient in the face of temporary network problems, you can actually disconnect on purpose... move to a different computer... and reconnect to the same session. It makes sessions a lot more like RDP connections, which have supported "reconnecting" for a long time, now.

Make no mistake: PowerShell Remoting is going to be the preferred mechanism for managing Windows Server "8" and beyond, so these more-robust sessions are more than just a convenience. You're going to be relying upon them!

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on Oct 10, 2011
Nice feature, but why they don't just keep the version number and update v.2 by replacing the old one. Most people can not follow the quick change in development. it's haaaaaaaaaard

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