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Nov 6, 2011

Have a PowerShell Question? Ask Me! 6

For a while now, I maintained an under-the-radar forum for past class students to ask me questions... it's time to take it big-league. Got a question? Ask!...More
Nov 2, 2011

Learn PowerShell in Free Online Workshops this November 3

Fellow PowerShell MVP Shane Hoey has put together a great idea for November - learn PowerShell one day at a time!...More
Oct 31, 2011

PowerShell v3: Unraveling the Versions

Folks are going to run into some confusion when it comes to version numbers in PowerShell v3. Here's the lowdown....More
Oct 27, 2011

PowerShell v3: It's on the Web

Need to run some PowerShell commands remotely? Or from your smartphone? PowerShell v3 has got you covered....More
Oct 26, 2011

International PowerShell User Group Day

March 19, 2012 is the day to celebrate and highlight local PowerShell user groups, with special presentations, prizes, offers, and more....More
Oct 20, 2011

PowerShell v3: Workflow is the Flagship Feature

PowerShell v3's flagship new feature is called Workflow. It's incredible. Here's how it works....More
Oct 18, 2011

PowerShell v3: The "I" in "ISE" Stands for "Improved"

PowerShell's ISE has always been adequate... but never great. That's starting to change in v3....More
Oct 13, 2011

PowerShell v3: Graphically complete commands 1

Combine the help system with an interactive GUI display and you've got an idea what Show-Command is all about....More
Oct 11, 2011

Setting Defaults for Cmdlets

PowerShell v3 lets you, on a session-by-session basis, define your own defaults for any cmdlet....More
Oct 10, 2011

PowerShell v3: Autoloading Modules 1

A neat (and potentially confusing) new feature in PowerShell v3 helps you load modules you didn't even know you needed to load....More
Oct 6, 2011

PowerShell v3: Robust Sessions 1

PowerShell v3's newer, more robust sessions will make enterprise management easier and more reliable....More
Sep 28, 2011

Here's What PowerShell is All About 5

I've been running across a long of anger, alarm, and bitterness about PowerShell recently. Unfortunately, it's mostly due to sheer misinformation. Let's get some facts straight....More
Sep 26, 2011

PowerShell v3: Start Looking

Microsoft releases previews for a reason: To get feedback. Here's what you should be taking a look at Powershell v3 right away....More
Sep 22, 2011

PowerShell v3: Simplified. 2

PowerShell becomes a bit easier for newcomers with simplified syntax on selected commands...More
Sep 21, 2011

Getting configurations for physical network adapters 2

Tired of filtering through all of Windows' virtual network adapters to find the configuration for the one you want? Try this quick tip....More
Sep 19, 2011

PowerShell v3: Zoinks! It's Full of Modules!

Windows 8 Server looks to be shipping with not hundreds, but THOUSANDS of new PowerShell cmdlets for all kinds of administrative love....More
Sep 16, 2011

Windows 8. PowerShell v3. Merry Christmas! 1

Windows 8 includes PowerShell v3. What do we have to look forward to?...More
Aug 31, 2011

Meet The Community: PoshComm.org

This independent community resource aims to help you out - and always appreciates your support....More
Aug 29, 2011

Meet the Community: PowerShell MVPs

Continuing with this month's "Meet the Community" theme, I'd like to introduce you to some of my fellow PowerShell MVPs. Why should you care? Well, mainly because these folks GOT the award by spending their own time helping folks like YOU use PowerShell! These are the ones to ask questions of when you want friendly, accurate answers....More
Aug 24, 2011

Meet the Community: The Scripting Guys

This is probably the most well-known community resource - and one you should visit frequently...More
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