Microsoft Says Windows 7 VDI Costs a Little More

Today I found this blog entry, which links to this PDF of a whitepaper by Microsoft. (The whitepaper is from May, but I doubt its figures are too out of date.) The whitepaper says it’s 11 percent more expensive to use VDI in a well-managed Windows 7 environment for office workers than to use physical hardware.

The blog writer draws the conclusion from this whitepaper that Microsoft prefers traditional desktops over VDI. To me, the more interesting idea from the whitepaper is that you can choose VDI for only 11 percent more (or 9 percent if you’re on XP).

From an IT pro perspective, managing VDI has some notable advantages over managing desktops, even if you’re paying more to do so. The hardware with your machines stays in your control—your users don’t have physical access. VDI management tools let you do things like spin up new machines from gold images in a fraction of the time it’d take to install an OS on an aging desktop. And VDI can be a gateway to new things, like Windows desktops that follow users from one device to another and Bring your own PC.


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AG4IT (not verified)
on Mar 28, 2011
The costs and complexity of implementing VDI are reasons why VDI should not be viewed as an “all or nothing” approach, but as part of a wider, more comprehensive virtualization strategy that includes other technologies such as Terminal Server. The fact is that Terminal Server has advantages over VDI, while VDI also has advantages over Terminal Server. That's why most organizations are best served by adopting a hybrid approach, with an optimal mix of Terminal Server (for task-oriented users), VDI (for power users), and Blade PCs (stock traders, graphic designers, etc.) which delivers the most benefit and platform flexibility to the organization.

Ericom Software's PowerTerm WebConnect facilitates this hybrid approach by managing access to Terminal Server, VDI and Blade PCs with one management tool.

For more info on the hybrid approach visit:


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