Rod Trent

Engagement Director/Editor-in-Chief, Penton

Rod Trent is the Engagement Direction and Editor-in-Chief for Penton Technology. He is a leading expert on Microsoft System Center technologies and has more than 25 years of IT experience, with over 20 years dedicated to System Center. Rod has written many books, thousands of articles, and speaks at various conferences and user groups. His professional focus is evangelizing technical community on the web and in person. Rod was a Microsoft MVP for 10 years. He's an avid gadget fan, a die-hard old television show and cartoon buff, a health and exercise freak, and a part-time missionary to the Chinese people.

You can follow Rod on Twitter: @rodtrent, or contact him by email.

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in Limited Genius Apr 22, 2013

SkyDrive tip: Two methods for making SkyDrive Desktop available to apps that don’t support it

If you’ve used Windows 8 and the SkyDrive app for Windows Desktop for any length of time, you’ve come across the problem where you want to retrieve....More
in Limited Genius Apr 19, 2013

Quickly create a SendTo option for SkyDrive in Windows 8

If you use the “Metro” UI for Windows 8 constantly, this tip is probably not as valuable because SkyDrive works great using the Share charm in....More
in Limited Genius Apr 18, 2013

Windows 8/RT's Task Manager on steroids

One of the cool features of Windows 8/RT is the new Task Manager. If you’ve not had time to play with this yet, you’re in for a treat. Gone, is the....More
in Limited Genius Apr 17, 2013

Setting the Microsoft Surface screen to not go dark while plugged in

Most tablets have a quick way to tell the tablet to not go to sleep when running on power (plugged-in). The Microsoft Surface does not have a quick....More
Microsoft Cloud
in Limited Genius Apr 16, 2013

Concerning the Cloud: Who speaks for IT?

The Cloud makes sense in a lot of ways, and there are a lot of companies that can obtain value from it today. But, this is not the case with every....More
in Limited Genius Apr 16, 2013

An app for that: Microsoft Server Posters

Talking with some good Microsoft friends at MMS 2013, I glanced up during our conversation to see what was actually being promoted at the specific....More
in Limited Genius Apr 16, 2013

How to create, find, and use screen captures on the Microsoft Surface

Not quite the easiest information to locate, you can perform screen captures on the Microsoft Surface. I’ll break this up into three sections. How....More
Windows 8/RT News app
in Limited Genius Apr 15, 2013

Microsoft sets out to fill the Google Reader hole with update to Bing News

Microsoft has now added the ability to punch in your own RSS feeds to make your news more personal and, I’m sure, to help those with Google Reader....More
in Limited Genius Apr 14, 2013

Fixing the Red Screen-after-update issue with the Microsoft Surface

After some issues during the update, like booting straight into the UEFI screen a couple times (which was strange), the Surface Pro finally seemed to....More
in Limited Genius Apr 05, 2013

How to remember all the System Center Suite 2012 products: Eat Avocados

With the Microsoft Management Summit 2013 just around the corner, Microsoft focusing so heavily on System Center, and the number of System....More
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