Learn PowerShell in Free Online Workshops this November

Fellow PowerShell MVP Shane Hoey has a challenge for you: Learn PowerShell in a Month - one hour at a time! Over at PowerShellAcademy.com, Shane is coordinating a free effort to help administrators com up to speed on Windows PowerShell. He's basing the workshops on my "Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches" concept, where you use just an hour a day to read, watch video demos, and practice hands-on labs. With more than 300 signed up, they had a LiveMeeting kickoff last night (November 1st) that was a ton of fun. This is primarily an Australian effort, but everyone's welcome - and if you're in the US, you'll find the time zones conveniently shifted into the evenings.

Check it out!

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on Nov 2, 2011
The powershellacademy.com doesn't seem to have any content on it.
on Nov 3, 2011
Oops. Login page gives a 404 not found :(
on Nov 2, 2013

Somebody help me to write below values from csv files apply same settings on OU for Goup (Trustee)?

The CSV file has below filed names
Trustee_GroupName OUname AccessMask ACEType ACEFlags Flags ObjectType InheritedObjectType
deskadm Desktops 128 5 2 1 {Z7B1B3DD-AB09-4242-9E30-9980E5D322F7}

I need to apply deligation on ou for group.

exaample : below code will retrive fields from OU. But I need a code to add values from file with above field names

$Sec_DESC = $OUNAME.nTSecurityDescriptor | Foreach {$_.gettype().invokemember("DiscretionaryAcl","GetProperty",$null,$_,$null)}
$Sec_DESC | foreach { New-Object PsObject @{
"Trustee" = $_.gettype().invokemember("Trustee","GetProperty",$null,$_,$null)
"AceFlags" = $_.gettype().invokemember("AceFlags","GetProperty",$null,$_,$null)
"AceType" = $_.gettype().invokemember("AceType","GetProperty",$null,$_,$null)
"Flags" = $_.gettype().invokemember("Flags","GetProperty",$null,$_,$null)
"ObjectType" = $_.gettype().invokemember("ObjectType","GetProperty",$null,$_,$null)
"InheritedObjectType" = $_.gettype().invokemember("InheritedObjectType","GetProperty",$null,$_,$null)
"AccessMask" = $_.gettype().invokemember("AccessMask","GetProperty",$null,$_,$null)

need help to apply DACL security setting on OU to Trustee Group by reading source file with fields"Trustee_GroupName" "OUname" "AccessMask" "ACEType" "ACEFlags" "Flags" "ObjectType" "InheritedObjectType"

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