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Mar 10, 2011

Safari down First, IE 8 follows at PWN2OWN

Safari falls first, IE 8 follows at PWN2OWN...More
Mar 2, 2011

Want to get Malware on Android Phones? Publish an app! 2

21 Apps were recently pulled from the Android Marketplace because they contained Malware. How safe are Android Phones on the corporate network if you can get your malware directly from the official store?...More
Feb 9, 2011

Feb Patch Tuesday Bulletin Summary

The short of it is that there are 12 bulletins, 9 of which will prompt a restart. 3 of these are rated Critical and 9 are rated Important. All of the critical vulnerabilities involve publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, one where exploit code is readily available....More
Jan 31, 2011

Fix for MHTML vulnerability in all versions of IE 1

Quick fix for DHTML vulnerability released....More
Jan 11, 2011

Personal computers on the corporate network 1

What happens on your network in the event that someone plugs their own computer into one of your network wall points?...More
Dec 16, 2010

Organizational Data and Remote Wiping Personal Phones

Mobile phones can hold gigabytes of your organization’s data. They are also shiny, desirable, easily lost or stolen....More
Dec 7, 2010

How AD-RMS can stop your organization’s secrets ending up on Wikileaks

The extraordinary thing about the current Wikileaks news is that the documents were obtained by someone with relatively low level privileges....More
Nov 19, 2010

System Center Opalis 6.3 Released

System Center Opalis allows you create automated workflows to integrate all aspects of System Center (and beyond)....More
Nov 15, 2010

System Center Ops Mgr, Config Mgr and the Ribbon 1

The new versions of Ops Mgr and Config Mgr will use the Ribbon interface. This is the way of the future....More
Oct 11, 2010

Stop Windows Checking For A Solution To The Problem

How To Stop Windows Checking For A Solution To The Problem...More
Sep 29, 2010

Rather than a full system restore, I just booted from the backup VHD.

Boot to VHD is one of those cool Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 features that most people don’t use because it involves faffing about with BCDedit and ugly GUIDs. Did you know you could use it to boot into a backup image of your system as well?...More
Sep 22, 2010

Should you have an "Internet Birthday"

Social networks encourage us to give birthday information, mostly so our friends can see it and wish us happy birthday. Identity thieves harvest this information for their own nefarious purposes. If you want to post birthday info to social networks, why not use an "Internet Birthday" - you still get the birthday wishes, but flummox the identity thieves. ...More
Sep 21, 2010

Quick How-To: Managed Service Accounts

Want to use custom service accounts, but don't want to go through the hassle of managing passwords for those accounts. Windows Server 2008 R2 supports managed service accounts - custom service accounts that automatically change their passwords....More
Sep 10, 2010

Touchscreen, extended desktops, and cursor on wrong monitor 1

Touchscreen cursor turning up on the wrong monitor in extended configuration? ...More
Sep 7, 2010

Certification, Culture, and the Availability of Systems Administrators 1

Perhaps it is easier to find a Windows administrators because Microsoft promotes certification while most Linux administrators think it is a waste of time....More
Aug 9, 2010

How certification can still be relevant a decade into your career. 1

There are benefits to pursuing certification, even if you've been a systems administrator for over a decade....More
Aug 2, 2010

Sysadmins as Sisyphus 1

At time the tasks of systems administration can seem like the task of Sisyphus,. the figure from Greek mythology, punished by Zeus and condemned to eternally push a boulder up a hill only to have to watch it roll back down....More
Jul 26, 2010

Derelict Administrator Accounts: A Millennium Falcon Problem 2

At the start of The Empire Strikes Back Han Solo gets snarky with Chewbacca because the Wookie starts doing maintenance on a component of the Millennium Falcon that hadn’t actually failed yet. That’s how a lot of sysadmins feel about messing with things in the entrails of the network. If it isn’t yet a problem, don’t mess with it....More
Jun 27, 2010

Configuring Active Directory Certificate Services to support Subject Alternative Names

With the use of a single command, you can reconfigure Active Directory Certificate Services to support certificates with Subject Alternative Names (SAN)....More
Jun 14, 2010

Corporate Network iPad 1

Already staff in IT departments across the planet are being be confronted by people who have just purchased an iPad. People who want to use that iPad in some way to do something that is work related.  Anything that is work related. Because if they are doing SERIOUS WORK with their iPad it goes from being the affectation of a cyber-dilettante to a must-have-productivity-item of the on-the-go information-worker....More
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