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Until very recently, Greg Shields and I maintained a private discussion forum at Concentrated Technology, mainly for the benefit of our former students. We recently took the site down during a server migration because it never got a lot of traffic (and it wasn't really intended to). But I missed having any form of direct engagement with folks, and so effective immediately I'll be answering questions at http://bit.ly/AskDon. It's open to anyone, but I especially invite former students as well as readers of this blog.

You're welcome to submit anything PowerShell-related: Technical questions, comments, and so forth. I'll use your questions as inspirations for future blog articles, too, so feel free to bring the tricky stuff!

You'll also find a host of other PowerShell experts there, covering topics like Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, and more. Hope to see you there!

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on Jan 22, 2012
Hello Jon I just started "Learn Powershell in a month of lunches". On p. 13 the command Dir | More doesn't work in Powershell ISE even as administrator. I can get it to work in the standard Powershell though. Is it not possible in Powershell ISE? I would like to use this version but if it has these problems I better stick to Powershell itself. Thanks i n advance Peter
on May 23, 2014

Hi Jon, I have an array looks like this:

on Sep 30, 2014

anyone know how to convert this query to a powershell one liner.
wmic MemoryChip get BankLabel, Capacity, MemoryType, TypeDetail,speed

on Oct 1, 2014

Hi Brett, the equivalent PowerShell one-liner would be:
get-wmiobject Win32_PhysicalMemory | select-object BankLabel,Capacity,MemoryType,TypeDetail,Speed
(all one line). You can abbreviate 'get-wmiobject' as 'gwmi' and 'select-object' to 'select'.

on Apr 5, 2016

I want to print the list of names in variable $names on their own line while using the while construct. What code would I use to accomplish this?

$test = 'Tom','Butsy','Sue','Sandy','Karen','Paul'

$i = 0

While ( $i -lt 6)


on Sep 3, 2017


I have list of files, I want to find whether any process has locked those files. And then kill those process using pid. could you please help me how to achieve this usinig handle or by any other means?


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