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Mar 4, 2011

Top Security Trends for 2011

Any IT security strategy is all about risk mitigation, the process of implementing the most effective security possible with the finite resources at your disposal....More
Feb 11, 2011

Microsoft, Nokia Partner for Smartphones 2

Freshly-minted Nokia CEO Stephen Elop -- the former President of the Business Division at Microsoft -- today announced the outlines of a broad partnership between Nokia and his former employer that will see Windows Phone 7 become the only OS for high-end Nokia smartphones....More
Feb 4, 2011

Gartner: CIOs Predict Pervasive Cloud Computing Use by 2016 1

Gartner polled more than 2,000 CIOs for their Gartner 2011 CIO Survey, a group that controls more than $160 billion in IT spending....More
Jan 28, 2011

Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, and SAP Skirmish over Cloud-Based CRM Market

Earlier this month, Microsoft fired an opening salvo in the battle for yet another cloud-based battleground with the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, a program that competes directly with other cloud-based CRM solutions, including Oracle CRM on Demand,, and SAP CRM OnDemand....More
Jan 25, 2011

Microsoft Preps Strategy to Fight iPad

According to a must-read post over at ZDNET by Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft has provided hardware partners with information that Redmond hopes they'll use to blunt adoption of the iPad in the enterprise....More
Jan 15, 2011

Why the iPad has a Place in the Enterprise 5

When Apple first brought the iPad to market, some critics lampooned it as a product without an audience, or an answer to a question nobody asked. Robust sales and a surprising level of penetration in the enterprise have laid most of these concerns to rest....More
Dec 17, 2010

Federal Government Plans 40% Reduction in Data Centers by 2015

Federal CIO Vivek Kundra recently unveiled plans to drastically reduce the number of data centers that the federal government currently uses, planning to drop more than 800 data centers from the current total of close to 2100....More
Dec 6, 2010

Gartner Data Center Conference: Day One

Thoughts and observations from the 2010 Gartner Data Center Conference....More
Dec 3, 2010

Google Beats Microsoft to Win GSA Contract

Google announced earlier this week that it had won a contract from the Government Services Administration (GSA) to move more than 17,000 employees from Lotus Notes to Google Apps for Government....More
Nov 29, 2010

The iPad and the Enterprise: Essential Tool or Flashy Diversion? 4

Is the iPad gaining any ground in the enterprise?...More
Nov 19, 2010

Thoughts On the EMC-Isilon Deal

Storage giant EMC recently announced that it intends to acquire Isilon, a company that offers a number of storage products that can quickly and easily be scaled to meet massive storage needs....More
Nov 2, 2010

Will Missing Enterprise Features Slow Windows Phone 7 Adoption?

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Mobile Device Manager won't support the deployment of Windows Phone 7 apps at launch....More
Oct 11, 2010

Will Enterprises Adopt Windows Phone 7?

Despite some promising early previews, WP7 faces an uphill battle in the enterprise against the likes of the iPhone, Blackberry, and multitudes of Android phones....More
Oct 7, 2010

Surveys Reveal SaaS BI Market Growth

According to a recent study by the Aberdeen Group, demand for business intelligence as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application has risen dramatically over the last few years....More
Oct 4, 2010

Who really makes IT buying decisions?

From the consumerization of IT to the rise of cloud-based and mobile apps, non-IT executives are playing a greater role than ever in IT purchasing decisions....More
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