Is This an ADVANCED PowerShell Book You'd Read?

As you know, I started my most recent PowerShell book by asking y'all to comment on a table of contents. Your comments were heeded and did affect the final version -which is now on sale.

I'm going to try and press forward with a more advanced book - one that focuses folks who are comfortable with scripting and programming, and what to take PowerShell as far as they can. I'm going to set a "stopping point" at Visual Studio, meaning this book won't get into cmdlet and provider programming. Those are valuable topics, they're just not my target for this particular book.

That said, what do you think of the following chapters for the book?

  1. Using PowerShell to Manipulate the Registry
  2. Creating Functions and Filtering Functions
  3. Working with XML Data
  4. Controlling Output: Building Custom Formatting Views
  5. The Extensible Type System: Building Custom Type Extensions
  6. Working With Databases
  7. Building Reusable Tools: Advanced Functions (or “Script Cmdlets”)
  8. Registering for and Responding to WMI Events
  9. Working with Object Events
  10. Working with .NET Classes and Objects
  11. Using the Data Language and Internationalization
  12. Mastering Scripting Patterns and Practices
  13. Working with the Web (retrieving information)
  14. Using COM Objects (Manipulating Excel spreadsheets)
  15. Making a GUI with Windows Forms
  16. Making a GUI with Windows Presentation Foundation
  17. Performing Transactional Operations
  18. Packaging and Distributing Scripts (including login scripts)
  19. Creating Manifest Modules and Script Modules
  20. Using Regular Expressions to Validate Input and Parse Text
  21. Adding Help to your Functions and Modules
  22. Configuring WinRM / WSMAN
What's missing? What would you like to see added, removed, or changed? Drop a comment below. Or, since I know that system sometimes is a bit cranky, you can also drop me a line directly - just email "powershell" at 

Each of these chapters would be in a format similar to my "Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches," which is to say each chapter will include hands-on exercises and take about an hour to go through. I'll do demo videos and companion content on, just as I'm doing for the "beginner" volume. 

Your thoughts?

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on Mar 11, 2011
Would definitely take a look at this - more about jobs would be awesome.
on Jan 25, 2011
Considering that I've struggled with about half of those topics at my current customer - Yes, I'd definitely read it.

BTW, looking for a reviewer? ;-)

on Jan 23, 2011
Thank you for writing on advanced topics. I would like to see advanced Active Directory and ADLDS and advanced WMI scripting.
on Jan 25, 2011
I would like to see WAY more info on remoting with WinRM.

A way to pass variables to and from a remote machines, would be nice (if possible).

Remote Registry and WMI Registry manuipulation is EXREMELY slow on some machines... especially if they are an old machine, on a slow connection, and enumerating something like:

So, a way to use WinRM to instruct the local Powerhell registry provider on that slow machine... would be much faster. In essence, there needs to be a way to pass and return variables for WinRM scripts. That way you can manipulate the Powershell Registry Provider as easlily as you can on your local machine.

I have not found any Powershell Material that really covers ***USING*** WinRM in depth (Including your CBT Nugget Videos).

Thanks for the opportunity to provide suggestions!

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