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William Sheldon is a contributing editor for SQL Server Pro and a Microsoft MVP for Visual Basic .NET. He's coauthor of Professional Visual Basic 2010 and .NET 4 (Wrox) and an instructor at University of California, San Diego.

Ask the Experts, April 2006
Find out why to specify a WSUS server to use as the basis for an MBSA scan, discover why deleting a meeting request from Outlook Sent Items doesn't delete the appointment from the calendar, and learn about using .NET with SQL Server.
Limiting Security Risks of Running .NET on SQL Server
Learn how to mitigate the risks associated with .NET on SQL Server
Using .NET on SQL Server
Learn about two powerful uses of .NET on SQL Server.
Is Chicken Little a VB 6.0 Developer? 7
Microsoft moved Visual Basic 6.0 from the mainstream phase to the extended support phase, which has some developers mistakenly thinking the end is at hand.
ADO.NET 2.0 Objects
ADO.NET 2.0 features new objects and, more important, changes in the class hierarchy.
Cool New Features in ADO.NET 2.0 2
ADO.NET 2.0 introduces a host of new features. Three of the coolest features specific to SQL Server 2005 are support for UDTs, MARS, and Query Notifications.
Leveraging the CLR's Power
The Common Language Runtime in SQL Server 2005 isn't meant to replace but rather complement T-SQL. Having the CLR integrated with SQL Server 2005 provides you with a new set of tools to improve the performance of your database applications.
The CLR's Inclusion in SQL Server 2005
Including the .NET CLR environment under the SQL Server 2005 runtime process wasn't a trivial change.The SQL Server 2005 developers had to mitigate stability and security risks when they did so.
SQL Server 2005 Provides True Integration of XML Data 7
The introduction of a native XML data type in SQL Server 2005 means that SQL Server will truly support XML. SQL Server 2005 lets you integrate XML data with other data in a relational database, which will provide tremendous flexibility.
ASP.NET 2.0 Will Offer the Best of the Present and the Past, Part 1 2
The upcoming release of ASP.NET 2.0 will include some of the best features of the present version ASP.NET 1.x and some of the best features the past version ASP.
Active Directory Migration Tool 2.0
Follow these step-by-step instructions for migrating user accounts and passwords from one domain to another.
IPv6 Overview
Take a look at IPv6 support in software, hardware, and migration services.
Blade Servers 2
Discover how Web blades are ideal for Web hosting and how fault-tolerant blades provide instantaneous failover for better reliability.
Managing Secure Database Connections with SQL Server 5
Learn how to use SQL Server to protect your valuable data and create and manage secure database connections.
SQL Server Named Instances 7
Mirror multiple sites on your Web farm and limit exposure to your valuable data with SQL Server named instances.
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