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Tony Howlett is CTO of Network Security Services, a network consulting firm. He is a CISSP and a GSNA.

The Winners and Losers of 2012 in Infosec and Technology
Some of the biggest winners and losers in the Infosec and Technology game for 2012 are selected and discussed. It seems we have ended 2012 with more losers than winners.
Disaster Recovery Plan Testing 101
Make sure your disaster recovery plan will rise to the occasion—test it using one of these routines.
All A'Twitter about Blackhat/Defcon
I'll be Twittering the Blackhat and Defcon Conferences July 29 - August 2.
Social War Dialing - The New Identity Theft Menace
A new method of stealing personal financial information uses VOIP to attack bank customers over the phone.
Choosing the Right Encryption Solution
Ready to start shopping for encryption products? Here are some factors to consider to ensure a successful implementation.
3 Full Disk Encryption Products
Do you fear a major data breach at your company? If so, you should be using a Full Disk Encryption product. Here are three FDE products that can keep your data safe on your key servers.
The Importance of a Cryptographic Controls Policy 1
If you're using encryption, you need a Cryptographic Controls Policy. Here's what to consider.
Top Ten Infosec "Oops!" of 2008
Tony's top 10 list of Infosec "oops!" for last year.
Top Ten Net-Surfing Risks at Work

Sometimes, the biggest threat to your network security can come from within, either intentionally or unintentionally. In fact, many breaches comes from someone on the inside doing something unintentionally that "invites" some external exploit in. Here is my list of the top ten list of dangerous activities to be doing on the Internet at work. Share these with your employees and let them know that their Internet excursions could bring risk to the company:

1.  Opening forwarded emails with jokes, videos, pictures, etc.

Hacking Palin...

I may be jumping off the deep end here by talking about politics but it's IT security related this week and hey if it brings comments, all the better, even if they are flames.

Hurricane Preparedness for IT
Top 10 IT things to do when under a hurricane watch
Defcon Buzzword Bingo 3
Sights and Sounds from the Defcon Security Tradeshow
A Black Hat Glass Half Full 1

On the final night of Black Hat (which is the first of two InfoSec conferences in Las Vegas in the same week), I have to report my Black Hat experience this year as a glass half full. On one hand, the show is getting bigger every year. It's starting to outgrow even the massive confines of Caesar's Palace, where it's held. On the other hand, many of the sessions were watered down or simply had bad speakers. One session I was in had a French speaker who not only spoke with a really strong accent, but also mumbled and didn't speak into the mike.

BlackHat and the DNS Non-Event

Well I'm out here in sunny Las Vegas to attend the IT Security trade shows Blackhat and Defcon which happen to occur during the same week (luckily for those of us who want an excuse for a week long junket to sin city). Anyways, I'll be reporting in several times on the goings on. The big event is supposed to be Dan Kaminsky's presentation where he will reveal a huge hole in DNS, the address database that is the underpinnings of most of the Internet. While this sounds impressive, it promises to be mostly a non-event for several reasons.

Gotcha CAPTCHA! 2

In the category of “What will they think of next?” is this next item. In case you weren’t convinced that the best and brightest minds in our field often wear the other side's uniform (the black hats), this should convince you.

John Savill's PowerShell Master Class

Join John Savill for 9 hours of comprehensive PowerShell training. This course will start from the ground up, walking through the basics of PowerShell, how to create basic scripts, and building toward creating custom modules to achieve amazing results in your environment, in non-Microsoft environments, and in Azure.

Invest a few hours each week and become the #1 PowerShell expert in your organization.

Sessions meet Thursdays, March 5th through March 19th

Topics covered will include:

  • Remote management with PowerShell
  • Connecting commands and mastering objects
  • Creating PowerShell scripts and best practices to aid in code reuse
  • Parsing data and working with objects
  • Desired State Configuration
  • Building PowerShell workflows using Orchestrator SMA and Azure Automation
  • PLUS new capabilities in PowerShell 4.0 and 5.0


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