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Sue Mosher is a former contributing editor for Windows IT Pro.

Enabling the Contacts Box in Outlook 2007
The Contacts box is disabled by default in Outlook 2007. Here's how to enable it so that it will appear in an appointment.
Outlook Tips & Techniques - 10 Apr 2007 1
Sue Mosher answers questions about how to disable Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook 2007, prevent Outlook 2003 from copying public calendar items to a user's personal calendar, and enable the Contacts box in Outlook 2007.
Disabling Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook 2007
Thanks to an incorrect administrative template, Outlook 2007's Do not use Cached Exchange Mode for all new Outlook profiles setting does exactly what it shouldn't do. Here's how to fix the problem.
Preventing Outlook 2003 from Copying Public Calendar Items to a User's Personal Calendar 1
To prevent a public calendar from copying items to a user's personal calendar, you must either upgrade to Outlook 2007 or create a mailbox to host the public calendar.
Editing Another User's Tasks folder
Although Outlook items can have only one owner, another user who has permission can edit items in the owner's Tasks folder.
When to Grant Delegate Access to a Mailbox 1
If you don't want a user to have Send on Behalf permission or be able to receive another user's meeting requests and responses, it's better to set the mailbox's folder permissions rather than give the user delegate access to the mailbox.
Disabling the Ctrl+Enter Key Combination
Do you have users who habitually press Ctrl+Enter by accident, thus sending an email message before it's complete? You can solve the problem by disabling the Ctrl+Enter key combination.
Outlook Tips and Techniques - 13 Mar 2007 2
Sue Mosher answers questions about how to disable Ctrl+Enter, let someone edit another users Outlook items, and recover hidden columns in the Address Book dialog box and clarifies when to grant delegate access instead of folder permissions.
Uncovering Hidden Columns in Outlook 2003's Address Book 1
Sometimes Address Book columns disappear when the divider between columns has been moved. Find out how to recover these hidden columns.
Exchange & Outlook UPDATE, Outlook Edition--Outlook FAQs: Mobile Passwords, Customized Views, and Encryption--February 23, 2007
Pick up some valuable tips on how cell phones cache passwords, how to remove a corrupted view from a mailbox or folder, and how to configure digital signatures and encryption for Outlook 2003.
Outlook: Opening Attachments So That They Have Typical Permissions - 11 Jan 2007

All attachments, not just Excel files, are read-only when you open them in the Outlook 2003 Reading Pane (or in the preview pane in earlier versions). If you want to be able to edit and save changes made to an attached file, open the message, then open the attachment from the open message. Alternatively, use the File, Save Attachments command, then open the saved attachment.

Helpful Downloads for Outlook 2007 1
From configuration assistance to printing improvements to licensing information, here are some interesting free downloads to help you get the most from Outlook 2007.
Exchange & Outlook UPDATE, Outlook Edition--Helpful Downloads for Outlook 2007--December 29, 2006
From configuration assistance to printing improvements to licensing information, here are some interesting free downloads to help you get the most from Outlook 2007.
Standardizing Font Settings on Outlook Clients
Find out where Outlook stores the font settings so that you can standardize the font settings for the Outlook 2003 clients in your domain.
More About Outlook and SharePoint Contacts
Learn why Outlook won't display the File As column from a SharePoint Contact.
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