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Sean Deuby, technical director for Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Pro, has over 25 years' experience in enterprise IT. He began his IT career running Texas Instruments' IBM VM systems, then helped design, deploy, and support TI's first Windows NT 3.5 worldwide infrastructure. He spent 10 years with Intel Corporation, where he was one of the architects of Intel's corporate Active Directory forest and the design engineer of the Directory Services team.

A longtime contributing editor before joining the magazine, Sean has written many articles and a book on Windows Server and Active Directory, and speaks on these topics at conferences around the world. Microsoft has awarded Sean the MVP (Most Valuable Professional) distinction for Directory Services every year since 2004.

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Kerberos Might Not Be Dead, but It's Not Feeling Well 2
At the 2012 Cloud Identity Summit, Kuppinger Cole analyst Craig Burton declared that SAML is dead. With apologies for jumping on Burton's very long coat tails, the Kerberos security protocol faces this same situation.
What's New In Active Directory and Identity Management in Windows Server 2012 R2, Part 2
All components of the Active Directory family have had major or minor updates, and a service that AD has depended on since its very beginning has been moved to the deprecated (no further enhancements) column.
What's New In Active Directory and Identity Management for Windows Server 2012 R2, Part 1: BYOD Support
In this first of two articles detailing the identity and access management-related changes to Windows Server 2012 R2, I'm going to focus on R2's BYOD scenario, Workplace Join, and the roles AD DS, AD FS, and a brand new identity component play in making it happen.
The New Microsoft and the Future of the Identity Professional 2
In the past few months, Microsoft has made a number of sweeping changes that will have long-term consequences for the company, the businesses that depend on Microsoft, and the IT professionals that support Microsoft's products. How will these changes affect identity professionals in the Windows world?
How to Shut Down Windows Server 2012 / Windows 8 through Remote Desktop
If you've spent any time at all working with Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8, it's easy to find yourself stumped trying to accomplish a simple task that, in previous OS versions, was second nature. I thought I had all of the magic sequences figured out – until I attempted to shut down a system remotely through Remote Desktop.
Bridging the Gap Between Active Directory and Office 365 2
How do you integrate Office 365 into your environment while preventing users from encountering credentials prompts? Also, learn how third-party identity management providers can make that connection easier.
Does Federated Logon Pass Consumer Testing? 2
I obviously spend a lot of time reading, writing, and listening to bright people talk about the complicated problem of Internet identity. The other day I unexpectedly had a pop quiz on my ability to explain what the Internet identity community is trying to accomplish. And I had a tough audience: my wife.
Deciphering Microsoft's Hybrid IT Identity Strategy
I recently had the chance to talk with Brad Anderson, Microsoft's corporate vice president for Windows Server & System Center, in advance of his post last Friday about the role identity plays in the company’s Cloud OS architecture and its identity strategy in general. Identity Management for Hybrid IT is the first blog post that has focused solely on this critical component.
Gunnar Peterson (@oneraindrop) keynoting at the Cloud Identity Summit
Cloud Identity Summit 2013: Standards Making Progress

I've recently returned from this year's Cloud Identity Summit, the annual confirmation of how much I still have to learn about this topic. The brainchild (and some would say the third child) of Ping Identity's CEO Andre Durand, the growing popularity of CIS reflects the increased popularity of identity topics in our increasingly cloud-focused world. The conference has experienced double digit growth each year since its inception in 2010.

Windows Azure Active Directory Strengthens Its IDaaS Appeal with Access Panel
It isn't easy being a software vendor in the Microsoft ecosystem. You build a really nice solution that extends basic Windows Server capabilities, and the product is successful. But you're always looking over your shoulder to see if Microsoft has decided to enhance their capabilities in your area. And if they have, and if there's significant overlap between their product and yours, you'd better start looking at other areas to diversify into - fast. This is exactly what Microsoft is doing with Windows Azure Active Directory in the identity management as a service (IDaaS) market.
Microsoft moves on: Features removed or deprecated in Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview
Microsoft can't carry everything forward from release to release. Either from lack of use, replacement by newer technologies, or decisions to simply cease support, some features fall by the wayside of every release. In Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview, 64 features have either been deprecated or removed outright.
What Are OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect?
A couple of important identity frameworks are essential to cloud security. To support your users, you must know how they work.
Windows Server 2012 Data Deduplication
The explosion of data has resulted in an explosion in storage requirements, but you can get it under control by eliminating duplicate data with Windows Server 2012's data deduplication feature.
Fitting the cloud identity puzzle pieces together
Attention, IT Pros: You Can Help Evolve a Secure Cloud, Too 1
Central to the core of any modern and complex hybrid computing service, is an integrated identity system. But unlike the world of domains and Kerberos, cloud identity protocols and standards are still far from settled.
Catching Up with the Cloud Security Alliance
Sean Deuby interviews John Howie, the CSA's chief operating officer, and get his take on cloud security.
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