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Senior Executive Editor, Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Pro, SharePoint Pro; Engagement Director,
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Rod Trent is the Senior Executive Editor for Penton Technology's Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Pro, Share Point Pro, Dev Pro Connections and He is a leading expert on Microsoft System Center and Cloud technologies and has more than 25 years of IT experience. Rod has written many books, thousands of articles, and speaks at various conferences and user groups. His professional focus is evangelizing technical community on the web and in person. Rod was a Microsoft MVP for 10 years and is a charter member of the Dell TechCenter Rockstar program. He's an avid gadget fan, a die-hard old television show and cartoon buff, a health and exercise freak, comic book aficionado, and a part-time missionary to the Chinese people. Follow Rod on Twitter

How Windows 10 Upgrades Might Work
There's been a lot of discussion around who might be eligible to get a Windows 10 upgrade. Things could change, but here's a framework of what it might look like.
Survey: Email in the Cloud versus On-Premises
Help us help you. We have a survey prepared to produce better information on the industry's need to manage email in the Cloud.
Microsoft FY15 Q2 Earnings Preview: Strong Cloud Numbers, Devices Improving
Later today Microsoft will be revealing its earnings for FY15 Q2 in an investors call and webcast. Here's some highlights about what will be announced.
Community Solutions: Making Windows 10 Build 9926 Work with Surface Pro 3 Video
Thanks to the hard work of community members over the weekend, we have some potential fixes for video problems brought on after installing Windows 10 Build 9926 on a Surface Pro 3.
Windows 10 Build 9926: Charms is Dead, Long Live Notifications Center
Christened as part of the Windows 8 release, the Charms Bar is now a non-existent participant in Windows 10.
Windows Server 2003 End of Life Won't Get Antimalware Reprieve
Microsoft has officially stated that you can expect no antimalware support for Windows Server 2003 after its retirement date on July 15, 2015.
Surface Pro 3 Video Anomalies and Windows 10 Build 9926
If you're having performance issues with your Surface Pro 3 after installing Windows 10 Build 9926, there's a fix.
Upgrade Windows 7 or 8 to the Latest Windows 10 Build
Microsoft is making its future upgrading process available in the latest Windows 10 Build.
Surface RT and Surface 2 to Get Limited Windows 10 Support
Since the announcement was made about Windows 10 futures during Microsoft's recent reveal event, there have been several discussions offline and on the web about the future of Windows RT in relation to the Windows 10 upgrade. Here's the scoop.
Office 2016 and Office Universal Apps for Windows 10 to Deliver This Year
Later this year Microsoft is set to deliver a refresh for Office 2013 and a truly universal, touch-enabled Office for Windows 10.
Zero-day Flash Fix Rolling Out Now for IE10 and IE11
A zero-day flaw in Adobe Flash was discovered this week. Microsoft is taking steps today to deliver a security update for IE10 and IE11.
Short Takes: January 23, 2015 1
An often irreverent look at this week's other news. This issue is dedicated entirely to Microsoft's latest Windows 10 event and the gaggle of announcements the company laid on us this week. So, sit back. Have fun. You'll learn something and might smile a couple times.
Heading Back to the System Center Community for System Center Universe 2015
I’m extremely excited to get back to System Center Universe this year, for the 2015 version of the event. There’s a throng of wonderful speakers lined up, with some of my favorites on-hand to deliver what looks like some amazing content. I’m a System Center guy at heart and truly always will be, so events like this make me feel comfortably at home.
Windows-as-a-Service with Windows 10 is Versionless Windows
Windows-as-a-Service represents a huge shift in how Windows is purchased, presented, and delivered.
Missing in Action: Windows 10 Server 11
Microsoft is so focused on delivering a new client OS, it may be forgetting all those customers waiting for a server upgrade.
Missing in Action: Windows 10 Server
January 22, 2015


Details for Next Week's Windows 10 Event Emerge
January 15, 2015

Thanks! Yes, Microsoft will make available the replay later on after the event. You'll probably be able to review it the following day for sure.

Fake News, Real Commentary: Microsoft Releases Windows 10 for iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices First
January 15, 2015

While I know that's true, its still one additional step that some people aren't comfortable performing. And, like you said, its not a great experience.

Windows Phone to Join the Windows 10 Insider Program
January 13, 2015

The Insider program bypasses the carrier, I believe. But, Verizon just updated its Cloud over the weekend, part of which was to fix the deployment issues they weren't talking...

Microsoft Plans to Deliver .NET Framework 4.5.2 on January 13
January 6, 2015

Would "force-deliver" better clarify it?

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