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Robert McIntosh is a consultant and trainer who teaches about Microsoft and security technologies and is the founder of Covenant Solutions. He is an MCT, an MCSE, and an ISS-certified instructor.

Web Sharing and WebDAV 6
Robert McIntosh discusses Microsoft IIS's WWW Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV).
New Resource Kit Utilities - 23 Jul 2001
Robert McIntosh discusses FAZAM 2000 and the User State Migration Tool, two new utilities you can find in the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit Supplement One.
AD Disaster Recovery
Proper disaster-recovery planning begins long before a failure occurs. Discover what you need to back up and what methods you can use to ensure a successful recovery from an AD failure.
DHCP Improvements 2
Robert McIntosh discusses some of the improvements that Microsoft made to DHCP with Windows 2000.
DHCP in Windows 2000 10

On existing networks, we often take network services such as DHCP, WINS, and DNS for granted. If the services are set up in a way that takes the physical network configuration into account, then network services don’t require much administrative effort. Nevertheless, the role that these services play in ensuring smooth network operation and communication is crucial. In my last column, I examined WINS and discussed the reliability and performance enhancements that Microsoft has made to the service in Windows 2000.

Win2K's New WINS Features
Robert McIntosh describes several of the enhancements Microsoft has made to WINS since the release of Windows NT 4.0.
Name Resolution in Windows 2000
Robert McIntosh discusses Windows 2000 and name resolution, a critical function in any TCP/IP environment.
Configuring VPNs - 04 Jun 2001 2
Columnist Robert McIntosh explains how to configure VPN on Windows 2000 servers and clients.
Windows 2000 VPN Basics 9
Robert McIntosh explains some of the basics of Windows 2000's VPN support.
Configuring RAS in a Mixed Environment 2
Robert McIntosh explains how to configure RAS servers so that dial-up access functions properly in a Windows 2000-Windows NT 4.0 domain.
DNS Zone Types 8
Windows 2000 DNS supports two kinds of zone files, standard and AD integrated. Robert McIntosh explains each.
PKI and Your Win2K Network 11
Robert McIntosh discusses a few Win2K services and applications that a public key infrastructure (PKI) can benefit.
Using Certificates to Authenticate Web Clients 2

In my last column, I explained how to use Windows 2000 Certificate Services and Microsoft IIS 5.0 to create a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) -enabled Web site. SSL includes a client-authentication component, but SSL is most often implemented with the server-side component, which serves only to verify a Web site’s identity and enable secure communications between the client and the server.

Securing Web Communications with SSL
Robert McIntosh explains how to use PKI, Microsoft IIS 5.0, and SSL to secure your Web site’s sensitive content.
Backing Up and Restoring a Remote Domain Controller
Robert McIntosh discusses administering a domain controller (DC) remotely using Windows 2000 Server Terminal Services.
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